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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 58 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 58 Urdu and English Subtitles

If we had thought about the end , we would not have taken this road, Sacide. Whatever I have done so far, I have done for my family, for their safety. Was this how it was going to end? Before you can tell, your own child will find you. -Then without a tear… -Good job . Thank you. I’ll have a bread. Scare. Brother, what did you do? What did I do again? You sent a head to Necip. Slow. There is talk in the world that you cut Necip from ear to ear.

Necip is walking around like a mad cow. He says Korkut and does not say anything else. Beautiful. Beautiful. He memorized my name. I will be the last thing he will remember when he dies. Does your father Efkar know about this issue? Do not confuse the afkar father. Don’t leave Necip’s side either. Thanks. Cover the goods well. Is that all? They will receive the goods from you tomorrow . OK. Yes. Scan completed. Conclusion?

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They are members of a terrorist organization. They are operating under a terrorist cell . Dagger, incoming cell elements. As I guessed. They are probably waiting for someone. I went into the warehouse. Omar, we need to match the contents of those safes to the serial numbers of the missing weapons we have . Did you understand? There are ammunition. -But… -But what’s the point? I expected more. We have to make sure they’re the ammunition we’re looking for.

I sent you serial numbers. Omar, you need to hurry. Tactical team elements are waiting to hear from us. What are you doing there? Let go of that hand. Or I’ll blow your head off. Where are they? Shall we call? Shall we go and have a look? They got out of the vehicle. They took action. I’m after them. Got it. They are leaving. What the hell are you intelligence? Surrender. Raise your hands. Come get it then. Gunshot. Hawk are you okay?

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I burned the follow, he noticed. Dagger, Sparrowhawk may need help. The woman can be of use to us. (Thriller sound) Are you okay? -I was handling it. -If it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead. Twice. Thanks to you , I had that feeling when I was with you. It’s alive. His wound is not life-threatening. It was two persons. Did you kidnap the woman? (Knife sound ) Get this too. We’ll take it to headquarters. Unfortunately , this is not the shipment we are looking for.

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 58 Urdu and English Subtitles

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With the ammunition that came out of the venue, the shipment numbers we called are different. But these two terrorists we caught have a connection to the cell. It works for us. Guys, you’re coming to headquarters right away. Somewhere out there, thousands of weapons and ammunition are wandering around to be given to the terrorist organization. Come here urgently, we need to solve this case.

My son is immersed alone among these guys. Bam bam bam. My son, they cut the men, this Necip vetch… …they packed it for him. No, son. Not that much. My son does not know this Korkut. This is scary. Everything is expected. The man is already in trouble, son. it does. Guys, Korkut brother is coming. -Brother. -Brother. -Brother. -Welcome brother. -Welcome brother. -Welcome brother. -Greetings, guys. – Aleykumselam brother.

Brother, if you need anything, you know, brother, we are always here. -Don’t miss out. -Suffice to say, brother. -What do you need for Çatara Patara? -Die and let’s die, brother if necessary. -Is not it? -Of course it is, son. Do you want to help now? Yes brother. Whatever we can. What can you do? -What comes? say something. -Speak to the carpenter. My son, what can you do? What use are you? Well… Kazim, aren’t you a carpenter , son? Yes brother.

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