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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 57 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 57 Urdu and English Subtitles

The target truck’s license plate is in the list. It will come within the day. Understood. -Hello Çiğdem, Dilek. -Hello. Pricing and classifications are ready in your list. How did they know we were at the hotel that day ? I always think about that too, you know? They appear in our every job . So you’re not taking enough precautions. I am not responsible for recent changes in your environment. If you’re aware, lately I ‘ve been hearing new excuses from you for every mistake. But you know what I’m most curious about? What?

He was the one who made this face. If we had met him under other circumstances , it would not have turned out like this. I’m sure it would. He must be really good at his job to be able to get you into this state. It was fine. In fact, it would have been much better had he been on our side. A gear one. It worked for us. Anyway. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter anymore. New day, new adventure.

We should focus on the outcome of the process we started now, right? Now everything is under my control. There will be no disruption in plans. -Hopefully. The ammunition is safe, we ‘ll be distributing it soon. A cargo truck entered the operation area. Is this the vehicle we’re looking for? Sir, the plate is compatible. The vehicle appears to be loaded. Friends, the contents of this vehicle are very important to us. It’s your turn to hawk.

Understood. -I’m going to eat. – Bon appetit I’m watching . Celine is calling. It’s his turn. We don’t have time for this. They’re unloading the truck. We don’t take risks until we get confirmation, Atmaca, be careful. What did you guys look at? Maybe it’s leaking oil. The cartel may have been breached. You say right. Do you understand these things? Not really. There is industry nearby. Take it if you want. Okay thank you. Celine is video calling.

He would never call. Celine’s behavior is abnormal. I can’t open this phone in this state right now. Maybe he stops when he can’t reach it. Celine is very persistent. What does it say? We have something important to talk about. What could it be? I don’t know, I can’t think of anything. Has it been deciphered? Could Omer have been exposed? If we don’t pick up the phone, it will be a big problem. If I pick up the phone here, it might cause bigger problems.

Guys, we’ll deal with this later. Omer, you are going to the warehouse too. Try to find the ammunition inside the safes. And you are in a hurry. Urgent! Yes, sir. Operator. Lookout two, one vehicle entered. It has a man and a woman in it. The dagger is out of our range. It’s up to you after that. We came, did you unload the goods? I will come after unloading the goods. Beautiful. What do you say to our offer? Fantastic. Suitable.

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 57 Urdu and English Subtitles



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We can prepare the contract document. -I’ll wait a minute. -Of course. Operator, those who come may be involved. I’m sending your photos. Get it face scanned. -We’re dealing with it right away. -I am waiting. What happened Space? Isn’t this the file about the camera records of the warehouse where Ömer is kept by the radicals, sir? Yes. -Will we inform Ömer? -No. Is it necessary to confuse Ömer with such information? Our priority is to find ammunition.

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If you want to help Omer, head the operation. Be my guest. You’re welcome, Chairman. -Good job. -Thanks. Are you waiting for someone? No. It’s obvious from your situation. There is a problem. Nothing. There is something. If you want to tell me without bringing bad things to my mind, Efkar. Omar. He may find out soon. -What? -Something he shouldn’t know. You know, you said that the end of this work will not touch us, Efkar. It won’t touch you. What comes to you comes to us. You’re waiting for the police, so you just stand here.


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