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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu and English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu and English Subtitles

Stop! Dagger. Dagger. How are you dagger? Dagger can you hear me? The man got shot. There is a sniper. I’m fine. Where do you keep the guys you kidnapped? Like this. What would you get for shooting the consul? Like this. Talk. I’ll help you if you talk. They will give you the guns. They did not keep their word. Which weapons? Who didn’t keep their word? Answer me. Come on. Which weapons? Who didn’t keep their word? What was the bargain? Talk. So you’re not dead. Answer me. No no. No. We have some unfinished business with you. Looks like the bullet you ate got you off balance. If you dare, you will face me.

It’s not very brave to shoot from afar. Exit. I’m here. Right in front of you. Now you and I will go into a room, the two of you. head to head. We will share our trump cards there. If you win , you get the book. But if I win , you will tell me who deciphered my team. Follow if you agree. Why are you here? For you. So to what do we owe this elegance? Are you prepared for me? I wanted the last image you saw to be beautiful before you lost your memory. You will not meet me again. You made a big mistake messing with my daughter. Until you get that book that belongs to me … … you are responsible for what happens to you and your daughter.

Then we’ll settle this here. Let’s figure it out. Death service. Give me the bag. Let me let you live. Who are you? If you dare go near my loved ones again. .. …no matter where we are, I’ll punch that hole in your head. Do you know that I have never enjoyed this much, Zehra? Now that you lost, will you tell me the name that deciphered my team? I don’t think so, Zehra. You know, I’m not really a man of my word. I thought so, too. (Punch sound ) Operator, this place is clean. Everyone be alarmed. Turkish intelligence is here. Pick us up from the parking lot. My bag. Ömer. (Credit continues) The operator is speaking. All units, everyone in position?

Lookout 1 stationed at location, we’re on standby. Has environmental control been done? Lookout 02, position taken. Understood. Let’s be ready for contact in all circumstances. Atmaca, what’s your status? I keep exploring. I’ll keep in touch if there’s any progress. Interesting. What’s interesting, Omer? celine. He hasn’t responded to my messages since yesterday. Yes, I’ve noticed that the messaging intensity has decreased as well. I’ve been neglecting it for a while. But at least he wrote. It might not be a big deal. Friends, contact with Celine is very important to us. That’s how we get closer to Hartley. And we become aware of the dangers to come.

We have to pay attention to every detail. By the way , we can’t access the data on Celine’s phone because she doesn’t have the smart watch we placed the transmitter with . If there is any problem, let’s solve it immediately before it gets bigger. Gurcan. Hawkeye, did you do something wrong to the girl? Everything was fine the last time I left it. Maybe you did something without realizing it. The only way to find out is to contact the phone again. I’m in charge of that job. Where was Zehra? He’s on his way, he’ll be back soon. Here you go. Celine are you okay? Did something happen? Something bothering you? No. I have nothing. I am good. Is it about Omer?

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 Urdu and English Subtitles

Do you have a problem? We’re coming in an hour. We are ready and waiting. The goods are coming. be awake.The operator took the Dagger position. Where have you been? The operation has begun. You come last, like a headliner. I don’t see an operation starting. Besides, you can’t start unless I order. So the timing is pretty accurate. Being late is also called the right timing. In the meantime, maybe the Hawk girl has seen her real face. That’s why he doesn’t write. Friends, let’s be motivated to the operation. No incoming yet. From the field reports we ‘ve received, we’ve determined that people who might be connected to this shipment have met here often before.

Gürcan, can you send the plate of the target truck? Of course. I sent. We have to confirm. I’m going in. Hello, good day. I’m Didem Dilek. The firm that I am the operations manager for… …needs new fleets for the shipping load . I came to meet him. Let me just give you my card. Dagger, do you see a computer in the room? If the answer is yes, cough once. Sorry. All vehicle input and output data must be on that computer. Get rid of the man and get to the computer.

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Is there a catalogue? Can I see? So, can I get a brief about the options from you? Pardon? Can I get information about price tariffs? brief. Understood. Our boy takes care of those things. I’ll call him. I would be very pleased. I’m at the computer. It asks for a password to login to the system. OK. OK, I’m dealing with it. All you have to do is give me permission for remote access. I got access. I’m looking for the target truck’s license plate on the list. I found.

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