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Mendirman Jaloliddin

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles

Do we have any intel on their numbers? There will be about thirty gunmen. The number will increase even more when the ringleaders of the terrorist organization arrive. Where is the region, sir? Not far away, our target is an island in the Blue Homeland. A yacht will approach that island and there will be guns in that yacht. But according to an intelligence we have received … …there is something much more important than a weapon.

What is it, sir? -One bag. -So documents. I want those documents from you, Ali. Those documents are much more important than the gun. That island will be destroyed if necessary, but you will come with those documents. Yes, sir. Coordinates and necessary information are here. What I want from you is an effective and clean operation. But remember that no task is greater than the power within you. God help you. Thank you, commander.

“You woke up in Ertugrul’s hearth” “You were dyed with the blood of martyrs” “You lay in the enemy castle ” “You waved at the end of the jokes” “Hello to you Glorious Turkish flag” “Hail to you, glorious Turkish flag” “Your wing flutters” ” Do you want to rise to the sky” “Would you like to die in your shadow, son” “His name is holy, this love” “Hail to you, glorious Turkish flag” “Hail to you, O glorious Turkish flag” ” Do you want to rise to the sky” ”

Would you like to die in your shadow, son” “His name is holy, this love” “Hello to you, glorious Turkish flag” I’m going to the Port of Beirut, Nadia. We will anchor the ship soon. We ‘ll meet you in Monaco after we deliver thirteen tanks. I will die if the opposing side sells anti-tank to their army. As for you… Watch out for the customers who will come to you tomorrow. They may try to negotiate with you at the last moment.

Don’t worry, Mithat, if they try to negotiate… …they will have no doubt… …that they will sink the yacht with stinger missiles. Here is my Nadia. What about the big fish… What happened to the ballistic missile business? He is getting closer to his goal step by step. Your plane leaves from Athens tomorrow night, don’t miss it. I have a surprise for you in Monaco. I love surprises. Hi Nadia. Your beauty is dazzling. Stop telling me stories, Martin.

Wow! I hope you stepped up the measures, Martin. The yacht is loaded with twenty million dollars worth of weapons and ammunition. The eyes of the Turks are on us. I didn’t come here to die, but to make money by selling weapons … …that your customers can’t even imagine . Are we ready, Ali Captain? We are always ready, sir, now we can get lost. Periscope down. Periscope down. 40 meters. Dive, dive, to 40 meters.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 2 Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles


Dive, dive, 40 meters. Full speed ahead. Full speed ahead. All the way forward. Full speed forward, sergeant. Yes. We’re 9 miles from the destination point. The temperature of the water is 8 degrees. The current is too high. Are we sure, Captain Ali? Sir, if we exit under the sea with 3 miles left… …it will be best for all of us . Less puts you in danger. We can come out.


And we don’t know what kind of weapons the enemy has. It must be difficult even for you to swim with such weapons and equipment. -God help you. -Thank you, sir. And difficult tasks have good victories. And we are the grandchildren of the Dumlupınar martyrs. We are reborn from where we ended . -Everything ok? -Okay, Nadia. DNA samples, bank accounts, photos… -Good. -Of .. I am really bored! I want to go from here as soon as possible .

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