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Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 139 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 Urdu and English Subtitles

My father is back. He will come, my dear. He will come. When will he come, mother? Huh? You keep saying he’ll come back… but nobody comes… or returns. He will come, my dear. Beys. I am stopping the conquest of Kestel. My Bey, why do you stop the conquest? Our people need a new Sultan now. Why is that, my Bey? Sultan Mesud… has been poisoned. And this time there’s no going back. Oh no.

Then the horses will start to neigh again. Yes, swords will be drawn… and the blood of many valiants will be shed until a new Sultan takes over… right, my Bey? Now, tell me… should I present myself for this responsibility? My Lord is my witness, my heart wants it. Well… my Osman Bey deserves to lead all the Turkmen. But… we should make our stance clear, my Bey.

On one side, the Germiyanoglus even stronger than Konya… and other Beyliks on the other. Are you saying our power isn’t enough for our dreams? Boran Bey, we hear you, but we know… the few have often defeated the many. Konur Bey, Eyvallah. You’re absolutely right. But, if we all get together… we can just about gather 10,000 horsemen. The Germiyanoglus can gather 100,000 with one call.

The Karesioglus are about to take over Constantinople with their ships. The Karamanids are right by Konya waiting for their prey to fall. Tell me, Bayindir Bey… what needs to be done? My Bey… let’s ally with the Germiyanoglus. In fact, forgive me, my Bey, but… let’s enter under their protection. Watch it! What are you saying, Bayindir Bey? Konur Bey. Many states and Beyliks got destroyed because of these unfavourable dreams.

I thought we were thinking the same thing, but what is this you’re saying, Bayindir Bey? Beys. This is the council of consultation Here, everyone will say what they have to say. Let him finish presenting his idea. Tell me, Bayindir Bey. Alps, tell the horse grooms… to prepare the princes’ horses. As you command, Malhun Hatun. And you tell those in the kitchen to prepare the provisions. As you command, Malhun Hatun.

Mother, what are these preparations for? The council hasn’t concluded yet. Or did my father give an order? Do we need an order for this, my daughter? I have been his wife all these years. I know your father well. I understand that the day will be long. Malhun Hatun, shall we stop the preparations for the circumcision ceremony? Don’t stop, √úlgen. Osman Bey shows great importance to the circumcision ceremony. Let the preparations continue.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 132 Urdu and English Subtitles



Hadaf Play

Orhan Bey. Alaeddin Bey. Through my faith and vision… my Bey is the most resilient of Beys… the bravest and the most sacrificial. If we, as his people, are worthy of carrying his dreams further… the sun of our people’s future will rise from these lands, In Sha Allah. In Sha Allah. In Sha Allah. Well, you tell me, Orhan Bey. We are the ones on the border. We are on the enemy’s borders.

If the Beys of Anatolia fall into a struggle for the throne, let them. As we fight the infidels the valiants who will defect because of these struggles will join us. Whether we seek the position or not… the Circumstances will lead to this. Because we are the ones who fight. Eyvallah.

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