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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 9 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 9 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

How do you bring this man who attacked me in front of me without tying his hands? Kantakuzenos. Öktem Bey… why do you rebel? For the same reason you disobeyed the Sultan and the Vizier previously. For the truth. For the sake of justice, Osman Bey. I was considered a rebel because I did not trust their justice. Why don’t you trust my justice? You oppose Turgut Bey. And draw your sword against Kantakuzenos.

While all of these are considered crimes… then there is the matter of the gold. It’s a slander. If it is true and not slander, I will cut off your head and hang it in your tribe. Eyvallah. Dursun Fakih will conduct your trial. If this court will not separate Öktem Bey’s head from his body… there is no point in setting it, Osman Bey. Whether the evidence takes Öktem Bey to the gallows or not… we cannot know that. Only the court will decide that.

Then I will serve my own justice. I will come with a great army from Constantinople… and the agreement will end. The agreement will not end, and you will not be able to come with a huge army. What does that mean? Do you doubt my strength, Osman Bey? Be patient. You will hear everything. Everyone may leave. Except for Kantakuzenos. We are being followed. Let me see. Be careful. Come on, don’t turn your eyes away.

I will learn everything, who you are after and what you are up to. Tell me, Osman Bey. I want to know everything. The emperor does not trust you. Frigg, Opheila and you. He thinks you have your eyes on the throne. What? Stupid man. Stupid man! While I protect him… what made him think like this? You? Could it be because of your campaign? Olof was with me in Constantinople. Was it you who sent him?

Yes, I sent him. To catch the traitor called Ophelia. And now he’s after you. He will kill you at the first opportunity he gets, by order of the Emperor. No. No, that’s not possible. Even if the emperor gave such an order… Olof is loyal to me. He wouldn’t do anything like that. Well, I warned you. The precautions are your responsibility. Are your soldiers enough? Olof will kill me? If you are with me, I will protect you.

Will the Prince of the Roman Empire turn to a Turk? Go then. When you leave the borders of Yenisehir… your executioners will be waiting for you. What will we do then? Boran. My Bey. Take the prince to a secret place. He’s under our protection now. As my Bey commands. Oh, Alçiçek! How did you harm the guy? Can’t he hear yet? As you say, my Bey! He can’t hear, my Bey, he can’t hear. But he doesn’t stop making his words up.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 9 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

When will he hear? It will take a little time, my Bey. But he will hear. He has to track for us. But you can also solve this matter, Kumral Abdal. Should I track, my Bey? Who should I track? That can be done, Cerkutay. But we need your swords. Kumral Abdal… tell me, where is Olof? Positioned near Makri, my Bey. On a rocky beach. Their settlement is well protected and they are large in number.

You are doing your duty properly, Kumral Abdal. Now the enemy is uniting. You know what to do. Now listen carefully to me. Stop! I told you to stop! Martha. Bala Hatun. What’s going on? Search, Alps! Bala Hatun. Why don’t you say something? Did we do something wrong? We only carry cloth. Pardon me, Martha. Inspection is required as precaution.

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