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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 77 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 77 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Unity with the man who brings us one calamity after another? You promised me revenge. We will take our revenge too. And we will take everything from Osman. Osman will have only his soul. We’ll make him worse than dead. He will see the collapse of the entire system he established. Brother Konur will recover, In Sha Allah. – In Sha Allah, my Bey. – In Sha Allah. We are in our tribe again. And together again. Praise be to Allah who has given us a table like this. Aameen. Praise be to Allah, who brought us together safe and sound. Aameen.

Come on. In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Brother Orhan has something to tell you, father. Say it. Osman Bey. Where is the trust? Grow up a little… then you will know. How much more will they grow up, Osman Bey? These valiants done a great job. They saved Sultan Mesud. You also wonder, but you use the Beys as an excuse, Turgut. Tell us, come on. Bala, help me with this. So you never separated it from yourself, Father?

I told you, brother, it’s always with him. It couldn’t be any other way after all that happened. But this is not the real thing. If they search for it… I have been carrying it for a long time for them to find it with me. Don’t fool us anymore, Osman Bey. There is no enemy here. Where is the trust? With my Sheykh, only he knows where it is. Even if they try to kill us, we’ll have nothing to say, right? He is the most trusted.

Even I don’t know where it is. Grandfather. You won’t say either, will you? I don’t know, let me think, Alaeddin. I have also forgotten. My sons… don’t go after the secret. When the time comes, it will reveal itself. Just as our dream of the state was a secret… and was revealed after years… now is the time for the state to be established. Your heart is in love and adored. Your heart is in love and adored. You’re excused.

You don’t know what it is to be carefree. You’re excused. I cried a thousand nights without you. You weren’t deprived of yourself for one night. You’re excused. Ahmad Al-Ghazali. He said it nicely, didn’t he? But what made him write these couplets was the great yearning he had. Love. Being tested with love… especially when it is mutual… no lover should be separated from the one he loves… Alçiçek. Love is the greatest feeling in this world.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 77 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv



Why did you summon me, Valide Sultan? Lovers must unite, Alçiçek. We separated you from the one you love… and locked you in a cage. Let’s see if you will forgive us. Come on. Come on, move your wrists, not your mouth. It will happen… I will make you wield the sword so good… that Bala Hatun will include you among the sisters, Ülgen si… Say it, say it. Speak! And I will take your life with the sword! Ma Sha Allah.

Say one more word and I’ll cut that tongue of yours. What are you doing? We are training. Is there no one else in this huge tribe that Osman Bey should send you? Besides, why would I train? What does Cerkutay know about swords? Ask me. You’re right, Gürbüz Alp. I don’t understand what this one is doing. Osman Bey commanded me… and the Bey’s command can not be violated. Go on. Take your sword and stand before me.

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