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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

She doesn’t leave Ismihan’s side since she came. And… she is never seen at the stalls. She does things in secret. But we will expose it. You and Ülgen will go after Martha. Every place she enters will be searched. The source of that poison will be found. Ülgen, come on. Esma… check on the stalls. Has anyone seen Martha recently? Who does she deal with? Find all of this out. As you command, Malhun Hatun. Orhan, Alaeddin… bring a stretcher from outside.

That snake Ismihan waged war against us with lives of our people. We will try everything to find a cure for them. That antidote will be found. We will find it, with Allah’s will, Malhun Hatun. Lower your weapons. The command here belongs to me alone. Alps. Lower your weapons. Arrest the Alps. You being on scene changes nothing, Osman Bey. The bows are always drawn… and the swords are unsheathed. Does your insolence have no limits?

Where my Sheykh and my wife are taken captive… I have no limits. If we hadn’t heard of your doings… or seen it with our eyes… we would be upset for you, Osman Bey. Welcome, Your Highness. The situation here is as you can see. I see the situation, Mother. But the state of Sheykh Edebali… isn’t good at all, mother. But… the disobedience of Osmam Bey and his wife is evident. Sultan Alaeddin, as you said, their guilt is proven.

They committed crimes not only against Konya, but also against Byzantium. They will be trialled first in my court. Is a regent equal to the sultan that you ask me, Kantakuzenos? Osman Bey will be tried in my court. – Your Majesty… – Kantakuzenos! If you value your life, get out of my sight. So be it for now. But only for now. Take your useless men with you. A trial will be held for Osman Bey and his wife. Even if his guilt is proven by evidence… the trial will still be held.

Take him to the prison. Get your hands off! I know very well where the prison is in this castle. Marmaracık is my property. Just like all the lands you tread in the border lands. After the trial, your property may not have an owner, Osman Bey. Take them. This world is mortal, Your Highness. The world is mortal. It is a mortal world for everyone. For everyone. Ismiha… Valide Sultan. Is Osman the only person who should be held accountable?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv




Bengi Hatun. What is Olof doing here? He is my brother’s killer. This is not the place to talk about this. Come with me. Oh Allah, help us. When did your symptoms begin? How long have you been like this? Two days, Kumral Abdal. Come on, go inside. Let’s check your wounds first, come on. Come on. It has spread in the entire market. Even the stalls. Görklüce… gather everything from the stalls and burn it. and find the homes that weren’t infected.

Don’t let them out. As you command, Malhun Hatun. Mother. If the people do not die of poison, they will perish from hunger. The caravans don’t come. The cellars are empty. The supplies of the Kayı tribe will suffice us for some time. The disease has not yet reached there. We’ll distribute those provisions. Then what, mother Malhun? Malhun. AySe. There’s nothing in Martha’s shop. We turned it upside down.

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