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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

He will definitely show us a way. Ismihan Sultan! Come on, face me! Bala Hatun. So you came. You’re very impatient. I came and here I am before you. Release my father now. Release your father? His time will surely come, Bala Hatun, be a little patient. Your problem is with me, and I am here. Leave my father now. Yes, my problem is with you! Your actions have crossed the line! And you deserve to be taught a good lesson.

Soldiers, arrest her! Let go of me! Will you teach me a lesson, Ismihan? You are a coward. And you’re so helpless that you couldn’t face me alone. – You… – You confuse courage with stupidity. You are not brave. You surrendered to the one who holds your father. Is this courage? You know nothing about courage, or love and loyalty! – And you will die without knowing, Ismihan! – Insolent! Bala Hatun. Alçiçek. You tried to trick me.

And you put your hand on what belongs to me. Did you think this would go unpunished? And you thought you could sow discord between us, but you were wrong! We don’t fall for your demonic games, and now you… Bala! Ismahan! Come outside! Osman. Bala. Bala! Ismihan! Come outside if you have the courage. Take her to the prison. Osman… let go me! Osman! Bala. Let go! Osman! Osman! Let go! Bala! Come outside.

Let go of me. Where to? Bala! Ismihan! Come outside now! Come outside! Osman! This is the reality you insist on not understanding. You are at the bottom and I am at the top. You are defeated and I am victorious. I promise I’ll destroy this place over your head. I’ll raze the peak you sit on to the ground. You can’t do anything while your Sheykh and wife are my captives. Don’t waste your breath. Even if it’s my last breath, I’ll take them from your hands.

This is very easy. If you bring Mesud to me, I will set them free. That’s all. I will not give you my refugee, and I will not leave my loved ones with you. Wake up, Osman! That’s power, it changes hands. You no longer have any rule in the border lands. Resistance will only bring blood. And surrendering requires sacrifice. We give our heads and lives, but we never surrender! You and those behind, you should know that I will make this place a grave for you.

If you bring a single catapult to these walls… you will be responsible for the throats of your Sheykh and your wife being cut You have until tomorrow evening, Osman. If you don’t bring Mesud by tomorrow evening… dig two graves for your Sheykh and for your wife. Only what Allah wills happens. Only Allah’s will. Come on! Send men to the surroundings. Let them collect all the provisions there are. Tonight we’ll have a nice dinner. My dear. Olof.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv



What did you do? I decided to fight for the religion of Jesus. How could you betray Odin? Odin will curse us. The dark curse will never leave us! No, Frigg, it’s over! The religion of Jesus has given me an army. What did Odin give me? Olof! The souls of the warriors in Valhalla are with us. Odin has sent them for the revenge we’ll take. When Odin turned his back on me, the religion of Jesus embraced me. Besides,

I have not seen any soul kill an enemy for us. Let go. Are these warriors? Which of them would sacrifice their life for you? Do not underestimate the army of Jesus. Wit these men, we will take the lands upon which we shall live. Everything is for us. It’s all for us, Frigg. For us? For us? Kantakuzenos’ dog!

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