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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

What is Sheykh Edebali’s crime that you throw him in prison? Also, does Osman Bey know about this? Please overlook it, Valide Sultan. Forgive her. Consider it due to her young age. I’ll overlook this for your sake, Bengi Hatun. Avci Bey. Position the soldiers around the castle. Do not leave any place empty. And raise our flags. From now on no one will leave the castle without my permission. Increase your precautions,

Öktem Bey. Osman will not stand idle. What’s the situation, Boran? Ismihan wasn’t here when we came, Malhun Hatun. She left these in her place. Where is Osman? In the lodge. Well, what about Konur? Baysungur and the Alps went to the prison to see him. Be careful. Go to the prison, Kumral Abdal. And I’ll go to the lodge. Come on, Alps. Konur, my brother. Oh Allah. Konur. Konur, what have they done to you, my valiant brother?

Everyone stand back. Back away, back away! Baysungur. Did you touch him? What are you doing, Kumral Abdal? These wounds… are burning like fire. This is not a good sign at all. Don’t go near him. Konur is breathing. But his breathing is weak. It may be an infectious disease. Inform the rest of the doctors immediately, Samil! Come on, leave, all of you, come on. My Bey, Ismihan is in Marmaracik. And our Sheykh is with her, too.

How do you know, Malhun? Ismihan sent a letter to Bala. She said her father is her prisoner, and if she doesn’t come, her father will die. She told her to come to Marmaracik without telling anyone. Don’t say it, Malhun. Malhun. Don’t say that Bala went. Don’t say that. She went, my Bey. Malhun. We found out later, I couldn’t stop her. You have gone too far, Ismihan. Ismihan! You took my Sheykh and Bala. You took them both from me.

You… You… You… No, I will take them both back. I will not leave them with you. I will take them both back. Sultan Mesud. They want you. They want you, my Sultan. I told you, Osman Bey. I am like a ruin. And my dust falls on the one beside me. Even if you call yourself a ruin… I need you. I know what Ismihan is. But I know you too. And you will know me too, this will be over. I will not give my loved ones… neither will I give you.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 60 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv




Then, what will we do, Osman Bey? I will take you to a place no one knows. Aykurt knows where to go. As you command, my Bey, I will take our sultan to the safest place, In Sha Allah. Come, my Sultan. My Bey! Konur is in the prison. But he is sick. And his sickness is contagious. Ismihan clearly did this on purpose. And not just Konur… she spread the disease in Sögüt. The people are sick. The situation is terrible. So that’s why she left Sögüt.

That’s why she made Marmaracik her headquarters. Well, tell me… Konur… will he live? We will do our best, my Bey. We will not stop praying for him. If that is the case… we will make Sögüt our impenetrable fortress. – Malhun. – My Bey. You will control Sögüt with the Alps. This disease will not spread from here, Kumral Abdal, do everything and prevent it. Malhun, do your best to rid Sögüt of the disease. Don’t worry, my Bey. I’ll go to take my Sheykh and Bala. – May Allah protect you. – Eyvallah.

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