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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 6 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 6 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Come on. Come on. It’s the end of time, my Sheykh. The son of Adam is deceived by his ego and Satan. A brother is jealous of his brother and envious of him. You say that jealousy is what dropped Prophet Yusuf into the well, Dursun Fakih? The jealousy that harmed that handsome Prophet… what doesn’t it do to us, my Sheykh? Prophet Yusuf’s brothers were deceived by Satan. They were very deceived.

Prophet Yaqub’s love for Prophet Yusuf was so great… his brothers were angry and jealous of him. So much so that they thought of killing their brother. They tried to do so… but they took that handsome Prophet and threw into a well. They brought his bloodstained shirt to their father, Prophet Yaqub . They said that Yusuf was attacked by a wolf. They said Yusuf is no longer with us, he died.

As soon as Prophet Yaqub took the bloodstained shirt… he understood immediately… that Yusuf’s brothers are lying. And after that day, Prophet Yaqub’s eyes became blind from crying and pain. He said: “The eyes that do not see Yusuf… shall not see the world.” Yusuf’s brothers were jealous of their father’s love… and they threw Yusuf in the well, right? But they caused their father’s biggest pain. Their jealousy was so great… it prevented them from telling the truth.

As for Yusuf, he came out of that well… and became a slave. He was slandered and imprisoned… but he always had Yaqub in his heart. Yusuf was released from prison… and became Governor of Egypt. A day came and Yusuf’s brothers, who threw him in the well, went to him. Yusuf recognised them. And he faced them. But he did not look down on them even for a moment. Those brothers and because of their jealousy… caused the handsome Prophet to suffer various harm and hardships.

As for him, he said to them: “You aren’t the ones who brought me here… my Lord did.” As for his brothers, they asked for forgiveness from him. They said: “We swear that Allah has placed you in a higher rank than us.” “As for us, we were of the wrongdoers.” And they believed in the prophethood of Yusuf . As for Prophet Yusuf , he took refuge the Most Merciful… and had mercy on his brothers. And he pardoned them. He considered that everything that happened to him was from Allah.

He didn’t see it as evil. He was patient. He was patient in the best of ways. My dear friends, everything that our Lord has blessed us with is good. We consider some things bad. But in the end, the good in it becomes clear to us. What made Prophet Yusuf endure all these trials… was his submission. Life will pass through trials and hardships. Know that. But look at the stories of the Messengers and Prophets in every test… and take your share from it. Prophet

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 6 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Yusuf pardoned his brothers who threw him into the well. Let us not break any heart that comes to us sincerely. Let’s be forgiving. Let the verses of Allah and the stories of His messengers… and the sayings of His beautiful Prophet be your guide. – Aameen. – Aameen. Yes, my dear friends… Your lessons for today are complete. My Bey, there is a sound coming. My Bey. No. Did you think we were alone, Kumral Abdal? Take a look. In which city was a Turk left alone? The intelligence organisations we established have begun to operate. Ma Sha Allah to the valiants and the sisters.

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