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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 45 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 45 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

May I come in, my Bey? Come in. My Bey, we handed over the castles to the Beys. We shed our blood for these castles. KARACAHISAR CASTLE We shed our blood for these castles. That wasn’t all, we gave our lives. We will never give up. Ismihan believes she has placed her loyal Beys on those thrones. But I sent the Beys to Ismihan. KULUCAHISAR CASTLE But I sent the Beys to Ismihan. I planned a game within a game.

And Ismihan took this bait. BILECIK CASTLE You can’t buy the one whose heart beats for war. You can’t buy the one whose heart beats for war. You can’t turn back the one whose heart beats to exalt the word of Allah. The Beys who seem loyal to Ismihan… they are in fact loyal to us and to our cause. They rejoice thinking… they took the castles and placed their men inside them. The castles are still home to the Turks.

Let the enemy make as many moves. As long as my Beys are there… the rule is ours. Ismihan Sultan will not be satisfied with this. She will set her eyes on YeniSehir. She will. She turned the place upside down… that wasn’t enough, now she sets her eyes set on our lands. But we know how to carve that eye out. Everything has its time. They made their moves. Now they think they have won. But we made our move first.

And with Allah’s will and mercy… we will be victorious, In Sha Allah. – In Sha Allah. – In Sha Allah, my Bey. What must happen will happen. Come on, Alps. MARMARACIK CASTLE Alçiçek! Alps! Clear the yard. Are you still crying for the commander? Isn’t it enough that you turned us into a joke in front of people on your wedding day? Who am I talking to? Who am I talking to, Alçiçek? Is that the promise you made to me?

Hatun! Enough. – Don’t you see the girl’s condition? – Öktem Bey. Is this the time for this talk? We’re late in fact. If this girl crushed us and left, the reason is clear. Look at my face! Mother! Would you like to see how you put your daughter in the grave? Look and see… watch your daughter’s funeral with joy. But know this… you are the reason behind everything that happened. Bengi! Let her hit me! Leave her, father! Let her hit me.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 45 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv


But the slap won’t suffice. Let me die. So I am rid of you and you are rid of me. But if you won’t cool still… you do it. You will only feel satisfied this way. I died the day you persuaded me to come back and give up on Aktemur, Mother. Kill me again, mother. Kill me! Bengi! Don’t you dare! Öktem Bey. Never raise your hand on me again… because I did what you couldn’t do. Otherwise even you can’t imagine what I’d do. Enough. Enough. Öktem Bey,

Bayindir Bey is coming. Let him come. Get up, my daughter. Not a single bird will fly in the city. I don’t want a single mistake. As you command, my Bey. Aktemur. Ma Sha Allah. You increased the measures well. But you are devastating yourself. Take some rest. How can I rest, mother? It’s my duty. I neglected it for a long time for no reason. Enough. What do you mean for no reason? What do you mean, Aktemur? Didn’t you fight with me all this time for that girl? Didn’t you say you fell in love?

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