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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 41 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 41 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

I will talk to him about this in detail. In Sha Allah. May I come in? I brought news… but it’s not good news. Kantakuzenos and Ismihan united. They both want the castles with by making a deal. What are you saying, Samil? What does Osman Bey say about this situation? I don’t know. What do they trust? They have prepared the army. They talk of thousands of horsemen and knights, Malhun Hatun. Aktemur, Alps! Aktemur, arm the Alps.

The situation is a difficult one. Thousands of enemies will attack us. As you command, Malhun Hatun. Not just Alps… merchants, students and everyone. Kutlu, go to school quickly. As you command, my Bey. AySe, go to the sisters and let them get ready. Dursun Fakih, tell all the dervishes in and around Sögüt and YeniSehir. Those whose hearts are with us, we expect them to stand with us.

Malhun, are we sure Osman Bey will make the decision to go to war? Is the opposite possible, Bala? We will not hand them over. Osman Bey’s matters are incomprehensible. We don’t want to hand them over, but… Bala. Those we mentioned are few in number. They talk of thousands. Samil, inform Boran. Let them dig trenches near YeniSehir. And let them strengthen the walls. Let us draw the Alps from Sögüt to this side.

We cannot defend Sögüt while Ismihan is there. As you command, Malhun Hatun. Come on, all Alps make a move! Bala. We spent years fighting back to back. Do you really think there’s a possibility that we’ll hand them over? We’ll not surrender, but withdraw. We will take back what we surrender. But if we lose our lives between the two states in that time… there will be nothing left to take. This property is taken by lives and given by lives.

That’s how it works. But even if we withdraw… as a mother of the state… I must take precautions. I can’t take any risks. Eyvallah. Mother, I want to go to Karacahisar. I do not intend to hand over the trust to anyone. Send news to Karacahisar. Let them increase the measures. It’s better for you to stay here until your father comes. Will we hand over the castles, mother? I can’t say for sure what move your father will make, son.

The enemy can never know. But do not worry. We will definitely get through this somehow. Don’t worry yourself. Eyvallah, mother. Let me help with the letters written to the dervishes. Dursun Fakih must send them as soon as possible. Okay then, come on. The goal was to obtain a homeland from the time of Süleyman Sah to Ertugrul Gazi. And now all these homelands that we earned are being given back, are they? Who said we are withdrawing?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 41 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv



Who did you hear it from? Look at this movement. Who is backing down? You’ve been on this path all these years. Did you see anyone who gave up? If they do not, then the extermination starts. In this mortal world… the old bull is not afraid of the axe. My fear is for you. Don’t you worry about us. He who was born for war is not afraid of martyrdom. We will walk. What you say is right, Beys… but look… how many of us are left? Turgut Bey is not here. Öktem Bey is not here. Bayindir Bey is not here. There is no one left to walk the path. If there is a path to walk, there will be men to walk that path,

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