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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 38 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 38 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Aktemur? Are you okay? – Mother. – Yes? Okay. You talk. I’ll be at the door. INEGÖL CASTLE What are you thinking about, Turgut Bey? Are you worried for your property? The number of Alps were increased. Archers are positioned. All precautions have been taken. Eyvallah. Wherever the Sultan is, the rule of the Bey is invalid. By increasing these measures… you are doing unnecessary things, Turgut Bey. If you knew Osman Bey as well as I know him… you would’ve known that this is necessary, my Sultan.

I know Osman Bey very well. You do not know me. Archers. You will definitely take measures. For where words are not enough, the swords will speak. But I think it is necessary to take precautions anyway. If Osman Bey knows he is right, then he will not listen to words at all. Then we will speak to him in the language he understands Osman Bey will die at his smallest mistake. Let him come. A barbarous arrival, you seem to have ill intentions, Osman Bey.

No. My intention is good. You risked all your possessions to come and take the castle Turgut Bey deserves. Is this your good intention? You’re right. This castle belongs to Turgut Bey as long as he deserves it. Now… he does not deserve it. You are impertinent! You can’t decide that. I have done many things that you said I could not do, Ismihan Sultan. You will leave the castle now. The time you ruled with ease… ended the moment I stepped foot in these lands.

The sole ruler of these lands is the edict of Sultan Alaeddin. Inegöl Castle was given to Turgut Bey by this decision. Turgut Bey is not only the sole ruler of Inegöl… he is its undisputed owner. Inegöl is mine. Why are you still pushing it? Let the truth find its way, Osman Bey. Sultan… my brother fell a martyr for these lands. And I beheaded my staunch enemy Nikola on these lands. I based my dream for many years on these lands.

And I strove for it for many years. And… you can’t take it from me with a piece of paper. Do you oppose the Sultan’s order? As I said… he didn’t understand from words or the letter. Soldiers! Now I ask you again. Do you oppose the Sultan’s order? Can you risk this? You couldn’t even dream of what I would risk. Even if you can imagine what I’m capable of, you don’t see. Don’t confuse me with others. I am not a Vizier coming to you with an order.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 38 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv



I am not a Mongolian commander either. I am Ismihan Sultan. Whoever you may be… these lands I took by shedding blood… I won’t leave them without shedding blood. Is it? Looks like you’ll lose a lot more than your blood, Osman Bey. We have a guest. Kantakuzenos the Great, representative and viceroy of the emperor. Move aside. Don’t make me shed the blood of brothers, move aside!

Alps! Lower your weapons! Alçiçek! Your mother and father have come, come on! Come on, Alçiçek! Bengi Hatun. Know first that you cannot summon anyone like this in my villa. What does it mean to kidnap my daughter from her wedding, Malhun Hatun? Which customs do you rule by? Öktem Bey, you are a reasonable man. And you know that Osman Bey wouldn’t do this without reason. Is this the way it’s done,

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