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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

What is up with you? What is this joy? Nothing, what will it be, mother? I heard about my father’s duty. Why are you surprised? Will they find someone better than your father for the duty? Come on, don’t stall me, I have work. Ülgen Hatun. Aktemur Bey. What’s going on? What happened? Tell me. I saw you. You look at each other. Alçiçek has feelings for me too. What did you say, my Bey? What did you say? Attention! Valide Ismihan Sultan.

They didn’t even inform us. Would you say that this visit is good? I don’t know, Bala. But after the conquest… Whatever. Let’s speak good for it to be good. Come on, come on, quickly. Welcome, Ismihan Hatun. Welcome. Osman Bey’s wives, Malhun Hatun and Bala Hatun. Where is Osman Bey? I think he did not deign to receive us. Not at all. Osman Bey is not here. If he’d known you were coming, he’d have arranged a reception worthy of you.

You’ve come a long way, you must be tired let me take you to your room. We didn’t come here to rest, Malhun Hatun. State affairs do not wait. Of course, Ismihan Hatun. But as state affairs do not wait, Osman Bey does not wait in the villa. He is adding new lands to his lands without stopping. And I came for this. While Osman Bey runs from war to war… his eyes became clouded. He can’t see which direction he’s running in and what he’s destroying.

Someone has to stop him. Now let’s get to the main topic. Where is Kantakuzenos? Gürbüz, we saw with our own eyes what you said. Köprü Hisar is well protected. But there is nothing to stop the Turks yet. With Allah’s will, my Bey. We will overcome them all and wave our flag here too. Our work here is done. Come on, Alps, we will go to YeniSehir. Come on. You leave. He who does not know the meaning of the state, does not know his limit either.

Where did we previously see the arrest of Amir Kabir? You’re right. It surprises me to talk to someone who thinks like this on these lands. Since I came, everyone sees the hand of friendship I extend as enmity. Those times are over, Kantakuzenos. Who are you and what do you want from me? I am Ismihan Sultan, Sultan of the Great Seljuk state… Alaeddin’s mother. And you are the crown prince of the Byzantine throne, Kantakuzenos.

The name of the Seljuk state goes beyond borders. Our relationship with Byzantium has been for a long time. And we know each other very well. We made peace at times… sometimes we fought. Now it’s time to make a deal. The two states… shouldn’t allow someone like Osman to grow rich. Beys like Osman benefited the most from the Seljuk and Byzantine wars. While we were getting weaker, they were getting stronger. They dared to arrest a Byzantine prince like me.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 34 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv


Let’s teach them their limit so that we can become stronger. We’ll agree, Kantakuzenos, we’ll agree. Now I have to get you out of here. You are of no use to me while you are captive. This is not good. What do we do now? I don’t know, Bala. But we cannot quarrel with Ismihan Sultan at a time like this. Stop, where are you taking him? Now your time has come. Attack! First you, then the one who holds your leash. This will be the end of you if you come to my land.

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