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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 33 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 33 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Do you think I gave up… because I didn’t appear before you and didn’t look at your face? Isn’t it my love? Even if you weren’t there and you didn’t have any feelings… my love is with me. Even if my soul leaves… and I’m under the soil, it is still with me. But… you have feelings too. Love is a heavenly blessing, Alçiçek Hatun. You do have feelings, right? I do. I do, Aktemur. But this road is very tough. You went with one word from me.

How will you face my mother on this difficult path? Nothing is more difficult than being without you. I will face them all. I think of my mother even now. Do you know what would happen if she saw us together now? There would be bad blood. Even if we come together… she will not leave us. We’d be upset, Aktemur. You said it once… my name. Say it again. I say we’ll be upset and what do you say? We’re upset when we’re separate too, Çiçek

Hatun. Since we’re going to be unhappy either way… except in my opinion, we will be happy together… but since you say so… why would we unhappy when we are separate… or together? How will this be? NEAR KÖPRÜ HISAR Open the map, Gürbüz. My Bey, this is the most secret path to reach Köprü Hisar through the Eagles’ Nest. Is Cerkutay there? As you have commanded, my Bey. Not just the headquarters… secret paths to Bilecik and Karacahisar must be found.

But the most important is Inegöl. We must come from Inegöl unseen. Turgut Bey trained his Alps to besiege them. Even our catapults are still with him. Where is Turgut Bey? Hasn’t he come yet? We haven’t got news yet, my Bey. Knowing we’d be out investigating? Either he was late… or he hasn’t set out yet. We set off. He who looks behind doesn’t see what’s in front. Come on. Let’s continue investigating now. May I come in, my Bey? Come in, Kutan.

Osman Bey went out with his Alps to investigate for the Köprü Hisar conquest. Alps are waiting for the command. Won’t we go, my Bey? Osman Bey does not need us, Kutan. We are able to fight, praise be to Allah. But we are always on the side of the truth. I see now… that Osman Bey does not give the right to those who deserve it. He does not see his brothers who fought beside him for years. In short, he doesn’t know our worth, Kutan.

Those who do not know our value… we teach them a lesson with our absence. What will we do, my Bey? Will we stay back from war? Don’t you know your Turgut Bey? Will we stay back from war because we don’t follow Osman Bey? This world is full of infidels whose heads must be severed. Always keep the Alps ready, Kutan. We will surely continue on the our path. As you command, my Bey. Either with Osman Bey… or without him. Olof. Remus.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 33 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv


The Emperor’s loyal commander. Olof. Your end is near, Olof. The games you plotted with Kantakuzenos… are all exposed. Nothing is over yet Osman Bey will make Kantakuzenos speak. The emperor will find out everything. And you… Kantakuzenos. We must save him. Ulf will finish Osman off. Mother. Where have you been, my daughter? Why did you come? The tent work wasn’t done, mother, I just got out. Come on, you rest, I’ll take care of the stall.

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