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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

You are loyal to the emperor. If you stay here, Kantakuzenos will not let you live. I hope the Emperor won’t fall into the trap of these traitors… and continue to be hostile to you. You… are a good friend. You are an honourable commander. May your path be open. – Call the Beys. – As my Bey commands. We cannot leave Remus in Osman’s hands. You will have eyes in YeniSehir, Marmaracik and everywhere else. You will follow him. What does Osman want from Remus? That trader, Bayindir, will tell us. We will know Osman’s every step thanks to him.

If we give Bayindir a lot of gold, he will continue to work for us. We can sacrifice a little gold in order to kill Osman, my love. Besides, when our business with that trader is done… we will take our gold back. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you. – And peace be upon you. – And peace be upon you. Come on, Gürbüz Alp. You can eat here, sit down, come on. You say food and my mouth waters, Baysungur. Here you go, brother Gürbüz. – Food… – No food. There is no food, I mean there is, but it is enough for me only.

Cerkutay is insatiable, brother, you will get used to it. You will get used to it. Come, Sister Ülgen, come. Come, sister Ülgen, come, Gürbüz Alp is very hungry. Bless your hands. – Ülgen… – Enjoy your meal. Ülgen Hatun. – Enjoy your meal. – Cerkutay is here. Enjoy your meal. I’m here. I… I don’t hear! Eat Alps, enjoy your meal. – Enjoy your meal. – Here you go. Eyvallah, sister. I’m hungry, Ülgen Hatun. Nice, give, give. What is this? Who would get full from this? Think of all you’ve eaten until now, Cerguday Alp.

Sister, put a little more, this isn’t enough to fill the space between my teeth. Hey Ma Sha Allah. Give a little more. Eat, Cerguday, eat. When we go to Köprü Hisar, you will miss YeniSehir’s food. Look. Osman Bey will give you a duty in Köprü Hisar. Yes. Huh?! I mean, I got hiccups, that… (HICCUPS) Enjoy your meal. We upset Ülgen Hatun. – Let go. – You let go. I had said that my wrist’s strength comes from my heart. Of course, you’ll get strong with all that food. Eat a little, a little. Let go. Let go. You let go. Brothers, look, there is enough food for all of us.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 30 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv



Come on, come on, eat your food, quickly, the council is about to start. Come on, Cerkutay. Share a little. You let go. What Köprü Hisar? Where did this come from now? Oh my bad fortune! My Bey. My Bey. The council is upstairs, why do we go down? If the council is upstairs, why do you follow me? Be quiet. Okay. Wait here. Don’t follow me. What happened, Ülgen Hatun? You’re crying. What else will it be? It’s Cerkutay. Sorry, I mean Osman Bey… will take Köprü Hisar now. That’s good.

What’s wrong with that? There is nothing wrong with it, of course. Young men got happy. The young men will go but Osman Bey will also give Cerguday a duty. And this villa’s joy will go. But I don’t say it for myself. If Cerguday isn’t around… who will eat all this food? That’s why. Osman Bey. I knew you wouldn’t stop but I didn’t know your target. And now I know that, too. Köprü Hisar, huh? What is it, Bayindir Bey? The council is not this way. That’s what it seems. But, Osman Bey has built such a villa…

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