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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 22 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 22 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Look at that Turgut Bey. You’d think he attacks the infidels all by himself. He fights all by himself. Would they have been able to pass the walls without me, Hüseyin? They wouldn’t have been able to, my Bey. Yes, they wouldn’t have crossed But they will see from now on. My name… Do problems ever leave Bayindir alone? Alps! Swing your swords. Who are you? What do you want? We want to make a deal with you.

That is why you have to stop. Are you human or jinn? I don’t know your face. Why would I make a deal with you? I’ll take you to Olof. Let’s see the face behind this mask first. You are YeniSehir’s elegant cloth seller, Martha Hatun, right? No, Frigg. My name is Frigg. Are you that demon? Olof’s sweetheart? What deal does Olof want to make with me? You’ll talk to him. In addition to everything I know, I now know the face behind the mask.

Don’t make a move, or I will burn you all. I also know a lot of things. For example, you stole the gold from Olof, Bayindir Bey. What do you know? What I know about you may kill you. But Olof wants you alive before him. Make up your mind now, Bayindir. Either I kill you here, or we go together to Olof. Seeing you don’t kill me while you have the chance… it means you need me, woman. Okay, let’s go to Olof and see what’s his problem.

So the conquest of Marmaracik made them miserable, huh? Their hearts tremble with fear. But this fear of theirs will increase their caution. They have written a letter to the emperor and wait for support. They are afraid, yes they are. They saw how we took Inegöl after Bilecik, now they know we’ll go to Köprü Hisar. Tell me, what’s the situation? They gather blacksmiths from the villages to repair the walls.

And they stop the workers from their work and have them dig trenches. And they have increased the soldiers on patrol. Marcus, what’s with these clothes? Osman. Attack! You know what to do. Come on. Spread out! This way. – I should go now, my Bey. – No, you’ll go with me to Marmaracik. See what happens to the infidels’ castle after making it a homeland for the Turks. – Come on. – As my Bey commands.

The best food, my Bey, is halal food that has not mixed with haram. Let’s go back to our homeland so that I can eat there to my fill. Come on. ÖKTEM TRIBE Alçiçek. Is there news from the Alps? Has Osman Bey returned to YeniSehir? No, father. He did not come back in the evening either. Our Alps are still waiting for him. Osman does not stop, his affairs are secret. And you sit here and wait for him so you can fight and conquer.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 22 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv



Bayindir is also not around. They’re doing something without us, but… this silence is not a good sign. What did Osman do until today that brought good to us, Öktem Bey? Let’s see what misfortunws he will bring us again. May I come in, my Bey? Commander Aktemur wants to see you. Let him in. – Peace be upon you. –

And peace be upon you. Lower your head. Tell me, commander. I brought you Osman Bey’s greetings. Osman is waiting for you in Marmaracik Castle. Marmaracik? Marmaracik is now a homeland of the Turks. Osman Bey conquered Marmaracik. He invites all Beys to the council in the evening.

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