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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 21 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 21 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Here are the spoils of the castle, Turgut Bey! Brother, who do you think our Bey will give the castle to? Marmaracik… suits Turgut Bey the most. Do you think I deserve it, Cerkutay? Will my Bey find anyone better than you? This place is your right. Eyvallah. Eyvallah, Cerkutay. Hey Ma Sha Allah! Ma Sha Allah! Many praise be to Allah! This castle is full of riches (Bay) like my name (Bayindir). If Osman Bey takes this for himself…

Turgut Bey, he’ll give you this, it’s your right. And this would be my share. What are you distributing before Osman Bey has come, Bayindir Bey? Where is Osman Bey? I don’t know where Osman Bey is. Only Allah knows when he’ll come. But what is this you’re doing? Well, then let us and the Alps expand that stable. Our horses are many and the stable is small. No. We’ll do what’s necessary. You go back to your stall.

It’s time to trade, don’t lose out on your coins. Come on. Isn’t there anyone to stand at the stall? There’s lots of work here. Go back to your own business. You have no work here, Bayindir Bey. As for us, we have a lot of work, Beys. Come on, valiants. What are you up to? And where is Osman Bey? I’ll go back to my stall, however… if you do something against me… I will destroy the world over your heads. Come on.

YENISEHIR Thank Allah, my two sons have set off to Karacahisar. When they’re together, my heart is at ease. A brother certainly carries his brother’s burden. Don’t you worry. They will protect each other well. How are the preparations, Ülgen? We loaded the provisions onto the wagon, Malhun Hatun. We have nothing missing, thank Allah. Alps, take good precaution. As you command, Malhun Hatun. What are you thinking about so deeply,

Malhun Hatun? Have you already started to miss your son? I think of Osman Bey, he summoned us, but… he isn’t in Marmaracik himself. He didn’t tell anyone where he is. I was just wondering. NEAR KÖPRÜ HiSAR My father once said… “in this world where we have no control over one breath… you will never be a deserter.” Are those ready to give their lives here? Are the secret ones here? You can reveal yourselves now.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 21 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv


Osman Bey! Peace be upon you, my Bey. And peace be upon you. Ma Sha Allah to my valiant. – Let me kiss your hand. – No. Gürbüz… tell me, is the mission complete? Yes, my Bey. Now it’s time. Marmaracik opened the door to conquests. Now we will conquer Köprü Hisar. My Bey, order me to strike and I will. Order me to destroy and I will. We are always at your command.

Yes, you are… Stagnant water turns into a swamp. But flowing water does not get dirty. We will become a surging torrent and march towards them. Now tell me… how are conditions in Köprü Hisar? Do you eat all this food? My Bey, a hungry horse cannot walk. And weak steel cannot destroy the enemy. Since the map is there… you must have important things to tell me. Yes, my Bey.

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