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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 205 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv

You’re the grandma, let go! Allah forgive me. I told you I got it first, Grandma. This cloth is mine, don’t be stubborn, it’s important. Cerkutay. Leave it, choose another cloth. What you are doing is shame towards the lady. Is this a shame towards the lady and not towards Cerkutay? I said I got it first. You damned man, leave the cloth. You leave it. Leave it, let your liver be ripped and your skin be flayed. Leave it, may your head be broken.

I will not leave it, if I do, you will fall. And also I need this cloth. Leave it, I took it. You crazy guy. Will I not spill your blood? Cerkutay. Never, Alçiçek. I am the commander of YeniSehir. I do not have my sight on Beylik. Also, is there not a man in that huge tribe who can be the Bey? Do I have a brother to hide from you, Aktemur? I don’t have one, don’t you know? Only my mother and I are there. And we have no one else.

We do not have anyone. We are alone. You know I didn’t mean to say that. I am always by your side. But I don’t go after Beylik. This is not going after Beylik. Rather, it is an emergency. Our tribe is my father’s trust to us. Will you not protect this trust? Besides… the Beys of the tribe will not accept this. After you accept, the rest doesn’t concern anyone. My mother will talk to the Beys. We don’t have anyone as good as you to be a Bey.

There’s no place in our tribe for a Bey who doesn’t pledge to the son of the great Gündüz Bey. Do you think you can’t do it? Or are you afraid? What will I be afraid of, Alçiçek? I am not afraid. But Osman Bey… what will my uncle think of this? I cannot do this without consulting him. But you’re in a hurry, you say immediately. You leave me stuck in between, Alçiçek. Osman Bey entrusted YeniSehir to you.

Why would he oppose you being the Bey of the Kargin tribe? The Kargin tribe is also connected to the Kayi tribe. But if you do not accept this trust… my tribe will perish and disappear, Aktemur. I don’t like this at all, Alçiçek. We have no choice. We have no choice, Aktemur. My mother is sitting on the seat for now. But tomorrow the Beys will start to rise up. You won’t sacrifice Kargin to a fight for the seat, will you?

You will sit on the seat, right? Did you hit me? You hit Cerkutay? Just you wait. Who will save you from me now? Come here! Stop, woman, stop. Excuse me, stop. Move away, man, move. I will blind this fool. Be grateful that you are not a man. I give it to your old age, grandma. Cerkutay. You maniac, come here! Stop, sister, stop, stop. You do not know. He’s out of his mind. What? Really? Yes. he’s not in his right mind.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 167 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by Geo Tv


Fine, otherwise killing him would be necessary. But thank you. You saved me from committing a great sin. Otherwise, I wouldn’t care if he was crazy, I would have knocked him down. I feel like I know you but… Kumral Abdal? That’s you, right? You… You, huh? Kara Ebe… FeriStah Hatun. Where is Osman’s head? Osman… escaped from our trap,

Commander Nayman. We couldn’t do it ourselves. Osman managed to survive, huh? Where is Göktalay? Where is Göktalay? Osman… cut Göktalay’s head off. You weren’t my only card. As for Osman… He will come with his own feet.

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