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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 Urdu and English Subtitles

They train skilled warriors, attacking them is difficult. But when we eliminate them, we will have a great advantage. Woman, if you will say such things… speak all the time. You will destroy this village, Olof. You will turn veterans into martyrs. They won’t live until tomorrow. First we will besiege YeniSehir. Place your soldiers at the exits of the tribe. Olof… Whoever goes out, don’t let him in again.

Whoever leaves the tribe will go under the soul, Commander Nayman. Burn, destroy and eliminate. Make even the bravest fear, Olof. What will you do in this situation, Commander? I’ll take their most valued possessions. I’m going to hit Osman from a place he never expected. Come on, let’s get started. YENISEHIR Since you called me so hastily, you must have determined my punishment, ladies?

We thought a lot… and we found a suitable punishment for you, Bengi Hatun. You will go to Inegöl. Why? You made Esma a spy. Yes? Now you’re going to spy for us, Bengi Hatun. You’ll bring Frigg to us. Do you hear what you’re saying, ladies? How will that happen? Frigg won’t trust me anymore. You can worry about that, Bengi Hatun. Osman Bey will get Inegöl back, Bengi Hatun. Don’t you want to take revenge on Olof?

We’ll get Frigg and her soldiers out of the castle first, and reduce their numbers. Now tell us, Bengi Hatun. Are you with us? SÖgÜT No. What’s the situation, Bayındır? It’s not enough, Valide Sultan. We have a lot of losses. I can’t get myself to say it… but we should’ve listened to Osman from the start… and chosen war, not peace. Surrendering to someone like Nayman… is too difficult on me. Anyway… put these with the rest.

Valide Sultan. Osman Bey has come to see you. Osman Bey is a good man. We mentioned his name, and he came. Let him in. What’s your reason for coming to me after you burned down Nayman’s headquarters? Do you want to drag me into the fire that will burn you? You say exactly what is on my mind, Valide Sultan. Do you know what Nayman thinks? He wants to cut your head off as you did to Samagar because of your rebellion.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 Urdu and English Subtitles


And to take the gold, of course. Why did Samagar die? INEGÖL CASTLE Bengi. So you came walking to your death, huh? You pulled me into a trap. Don’t do anything stupid, Frigg! You wanted to make us bait for Nayman in the caravansary! I don’t know about the caravansary! I saved you. If I wanted to trap you, what am I doing here? I got you out of that tribe alive.

If I wanted to, I could’ve killed you there. Why did you come? You owe me your life. I want something in return. Look here. What do you want? Tell me. Something that benefits both of us. I want to take the lives of Osman’s children. Why? Why does Bengi want this? Or are you going to pull me into a new trap? Why do you think I am marrying my daughter to Aktemur?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 125 English Subtitles Kayi Family


In order for Aktemur to become the Bey, Orhan and Alaeddin must die first. But if I do this, my plan will be exposed. Now you can do this for revenge. There is revenge I want to take on Osman. But you’re going to help me with this, Bengi. Listen to me well now. It all started with the issue of the throne.

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