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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 120 Urdu and English Subtitles

Öktem Bey has been acquitted of all the crimes. Olof is the one who plotted the whole game. Why would Olof do something like this? I don’t want to hear your lies any more. You’ll believe me when a trap is set for you. You became his enemy when he found out that you tried to accuse him of a coup. Don’t you believe he plotted a game for one of us? Don’t be surprised, Kantakuzenos. Do not be surprised. Are you sure of this? He is the one who wreaked havoc in my lands. He is the one who collaborated with Frigg and Ophelia. He and Frigg were even fighting shoulder to shoulder in the trap he set today. I have to tell the emperor at once. I’m telling you this so you can tell him. And tell him that my Beys are innocent. Tell my friend Andronikos… he has three days to give me Olof’s head. Otherwise, the friendship will end. And I will not be responsible for what happens thereafter. I came here for peace, Osman Bey. I will do whatever it takes. You will. Otherwise, you will be run over under the horses of the Turks. The Roman Empire is not small to be trampled under your horses… and there is no reason for this. With your permission. May your path be open. Do you think the truth will come out when he reaches Constantinople? There are two possibilities. If he gives us Olof’s head in three days… then Kantakuzenos is innocent. But if he does not… I will bury them both in the same grave. Whether he worked with Olof or not, Osman Bey, we see the poison in him. He’s looking for a place to attack. We carry our weapons to run over the heads of those snakes. Let him try. Eyvallah. Why did we stop, princess? What am I doing here, Sarkis? What if they kill my father, Sarkis? I shouldn’t have left Constantinople. I should’ve stayed and fought. If this wasn’t the only solution… I would have done everything I could to stay, princess. Be sure of that. But we couldn’t enter a war we would’ve lost. Besides, your father will be on the other side. Attack! Sarkis. Hold on, princess. Mount the horse and escape at once, princess. I can’t go without you, Sarkis. Mount the horse, princess. You fool! You failure! We’ll do it ourselves! To the horses, run! Princess… Princess, hold on. We’re about to lose them. I can’t go on any longer, Sarkis. We have to keep going, princess. I promise I will save you. Come on, princess. Come on, come on. Catch them! Faster! You’ll find who did this, Frigg. Whoever stole the gold and drew my dark curse come upon themselves… you will find them. You will find them. I’ll tear them apart. No. Odin left me in the middle of the road. But I will walk with the demons. Your demon has come, Olof. My brother who is not from my blood. Who wouldn’t want a demon brother while fighting Osman? I will start the great war when I reach Constantinople. You’re late in fact. First they captured me… then they attacked Marmaracık. And the heroic commander Olof… quelled that attack. And then a huge army under the emperor’s command will attack Osman. – Hold on, princess. – Sarkis. Sarkis. You will be fine, princess. You’ll be fine. We’ll get out of here. My Bey, we have been attacked. We are in the mine in Sarıca. Come on. Come on, princess.

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