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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 119 Urdu and English Subtitles

If you don’t want your enemy to know your secret… you shouldn’t tell your friend about it. According to this custom, we never told you before, Öktem Bey. Forgive us. What should I say, Osman Bey? We repeat the same words from the beginning. As you see fit, I forgive you. Thank you, Osman Bey. Delayed justice is not justice. Bengi Hatun. It was delayed and difficult. We had to make a game within theirs. What should have happened, happened. Eyvallah. If we have any right, we forgive you. Dursun Fakih. My Bey. You deal with evidence. Here, we brought you the real suspects. Olof is the head of all sedition. And they are his tools. They lost a lot of lives. They will all be punished. The scales of justice would have lost balance, my Bey. The scales of justice will now be regain balance with the heads of these traitors. Olof is our enemy. He’s hiding is Marmaracık. We will not stop until we make the infidels’ hiding place our home. Alps. I’ll wait for you at my table at sunset. We will forget our pain and remember our martyrs. And we’ll talk about our new campaigns. Eyvallah, my Bey. Forgive me, Öktem Bey. Forgive me too, Dursun Fakih. I forgive you. YENIsEHIR – OSMAN BEY’S VILLA You can do anything, dear. Do you think I can’t cook because I hold a sword, Ülgen Hatun? My father loves the food I cook a lot. Hey Ma Sha Allah! He must have missed your food. Whoever will marry you is lucky. Have a good day, ladies. Get out of here quickly. Ayse Hatun will come now, she will destroy us and burn the place. Have a good day, Çiçek Hatun. Thank you, commander. For everything. Slow down, slow down, my Bey. If you got burned, drink it from the jar. You were right, Commander. Osman Bey was always behind us. Now it’s all over. Don’t think about this anymore. How is your wound, commander? You still say commander, don’t you, Çiçek Hatun? My name is Alçiçek, commander. Still. Aktemur! What are you still doing near my son? Mother. The truth was revealed. Alçiçek is innocent. – Don’t dwell on it. – Don’t dwell on what? Didn’t this girl stab you? How can you still look at this young man’s face, my dear? Don’t you feel guilty? I… It accidentally happened. Satan was also innocent before he turned into Satan. You will only cause misfortune for my son. Stay away from my son. Mother! I said enough! You’re going too far. Didn’t I tell you you’d never see this girl again? The more I tolerate you, the further you go, mother. Aktemur! Leave it, Frigg, leave it. This wound will keep my vengeance alive. Don’t close it up, it will bleed until it heals. I swear to you, I will make Osman’s head a banner on this castle before your blood dries up. We’ll do it together. We’ll do it together, my dear. Bad news! They trapped the men we handed the gold to. And the gold? They stole the gold and killed our men, Olof. No. No! Osman Bey. If I was kept prisoner longer than this, I would consider it a reason for war. Is this your gratitude to those who saved your life? Olof came to court today. He was constantly asking about you. And set a trap on the way out from Yenisehir. And you were the target. I shielded you from his wrath. And what about the court?

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