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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 118 Urdu and English Subtitles

You did not trust Osman Bey. And you didn’t wait. You fell pret to the devil and you disobeyed. How would I have known, Malhun Hatun? What would you do if you were in my situation? If they took your husband and daughter and you couldn’t do anything… I would have been patient, woman. I’d have trusted Osman Bey. What you attempted was a civil war. A brother would have killed his brother. Alçiçek. Take good care of your mother now. See what will happen to her if she doesn’t control her anger. You are right, Malhun Hatun. My Hatun acted impulsively. Forgive her. Not at all. Now let’s pray… for Osman Bey to reveal Olof’s true face. What if that dog didn’t fall for the game? What will we do then? Will you go to the gallows? Give me patience. My Bey! My Bey, Olof fled towards the castle. What will we do? His location is known. We’ll strike him when it’s time. Come on. MARMARACIK CASTLE Who are you? Olof. Commander Olof. Who are you running from? I don’t run away from anyone. I only survive for revenge. I am here in the name of the emperor. Put down your spears. Increase the measures around the castle. Come on! YENIsEHIR Come, my flower. The good news has come, thank Allah, you are free. Olof confessed to all his treacherous crimes. The day will surely come when he will be punished for his actions. In Sha Allah. Keep your heart at ease, Bengi Hatun. Rest now. Bring me water, my daughter. Hatun… tell me now… what does it mean to gather the Beys and try to rebel? How could you do this? I did everything to protect you and my daughter. How would I know that Osman plotted a game? I trusted him and surrendered myself, you should have trusted me too, Hatun. But you do not stand idly, you look for a fire to flare. I always told you… to control your anger. Is it all my fault now, Öktem Bey? What are you saying? What if it wasn’t a game? Then I would have accepted your execution, wouldn’t I? No. If it happened today, I would have done the same. You’re still being stubborn, Hatun Don’t do this. You threw me and my tribe and my Alps in danger, don’t you see? – You’re going too far, Öktem Bey. – Quiet! You won’t say a word. I may go, Hatun, but my tribe would stay. From now on, nothing will be done without my knowledge. You will remember your words, Öktem Bey. You will remember. You will remember it when you get stabbed in the back with Osman’s dagger again. I’ll be by your side that day too. But when that day comes… I will remind you of all this, Öktem Bey. The horses will come first, you’re sure, aren’t you, Hüseyin? They will pass now, my Bey. Come on, come on. Bring me my gold. Shall we shoot arrows, my Bey? Wait. – Now, my Bey? – Wait. My Bey, now? Now. Come on, Alps, we need the gold, the land needs heads. None of you will survive. Look at this. Look at this, Hüseyin. It’s like they’re competing with the sun. But they shine more beautifully than the sun, don’t they, Hüseyin? As you say, my Bey. Come on, don’t leave any trace of us. Load the box. Let’s go back before other people find out what happened. Justice will be served. Here… the real culprits have come.

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