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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 117 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 117 Urdu and English Subtitles

Dursun Fakih is charged with making decisions based on evidence. But those enemies who put that evidence there… I will find them and cut off their hands. – Dursun Fakih. – My Bey. I want you to postpone the execution of the sentence until I come. With Allah’s will, I will find the culprits and bring them. Then justice will be served. Eyvallah, my Bey. Eyvallah. Wind! Bring my dark curse! It’s over, Osman. It’s over. The scales of justice have lost balance. It wasn’t Öktem who raided the village… I did! I’m the one who shot Aktemur! Look, you’re all alone. Now I will kill you too. And then I will burn Yenisehir. You can’t burn anything. But, I’ve earned a reputation for spoiling the traps set. Turgut! I, Alaeddin, son of Gazi Osman Bey… came here by order of my father. And my words are his words. You have to trust what I’m going to tell you now. Osman Bey says he believes Öktem Bey. And I planned a game to reveal the truth. And I need your help. After the trial is over, Osman Bey will walk towards a trap. He will leave his Alps in Yenisehir. Thus Olof will think that he has lured Osman Bey into the trap. And I will go with Öktem Bey’s Alps to help Osman Bey. To arrest that dog called Olof. Beys. The end of anyone trying to divide us… we will bring it together, In Sha Allah. In Sha Allah. And now, Beys… are you with us? We are with you Alaeddin Bey. Eyvallah. Orhan! Bala! The storm will destroy the wind. Come on, sisters. Bala. Orhan. Either you surrender… or submit and take refuge in our justice. Or war. My curse fell upon you, Osman. Alps! Strike the chests of the infidels for the sake of Allah. Ya Allah! Attack! You degenerate! We’ll live today, Olof, for the revenge we’ll take another day. We have to go. No, Frigg, no! Olof, not today. Not today, Olof. I will kill him with my two hands. Let’s go. Retreat! Retreat! Sarıca! Come on! You finally destroyed my tent. But I won’t end it here. I promise, I will make you pay the price. Take it easy, woman! I’m trying to understand your pain. I don’t say anything but enough now. My patience has limits too. You left me no patience, woman. You want to bury my husband and take my only child from me. You are guilty of a mother’s pain. These pains will be a dagger in your back for a lifetime. Bengi Hatun. You say things you’ll regret later Don’t think I’ll stop. I promise… I will not let my husband and daughter become your victim. Give me patience! Mother! My flower. My beautiful daughter. Why are you smiling? What happened? We knew Öktem Bey and Alçiçek were innocent. What are you saying, Malhun Hatun? Osman Bey trusted Öktem Bey from the beginning. And now to reveal the truth… he plays a game on that dog called Olof. What about the court? The decision has been passed. They put up the gallows outside. When Osman Bey reveals the truth… the verdict of the court will be overruled, mother. Our innocence will be proven. When the trial was over… the Beys were going to rebel. The news will have reached them a long time ago, my Bey. What have you done, Hatun? What have you done? We knew this too, Bengi Hatun. I knew you wouldn’t stand still.

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