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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 116 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 116 Urdu and English Subtitles

The blood of all those innocents is on Öktem Bey’s hands. The punishment for such a crime can only be execution. Execution. Praise be to Allah we are believers. Goodness is from Allah… and evil is from Allah. I accept. The court is concluded. Customs leave the place where injustice enters. It’s over, Osman Bey, it’s over. You have no justice or customs left. Search the place, don’t leave anyone alive. Cut off the heads of the dead! Bring the horses. And load the gold. I have a more important matter now. The horse belongs to the rider and the sword to the one who wields it. That gold will not be yours. Will my Bey leave what he loves to others? Come on, let’s go tell Bayındır Bey. I smell blood already. You take Olof for his chance at revenge. Now it’s time to be Frigg. I admire your justice very much, Osman Bey. You haven’t seen anything yet. Speak, Baysungur. My Bey, they raided the caravan that was carrying gold to Constantinople. Delivering the gold was my duty. Osman Bey, I will go and find it. No. You cannot act as you wish on my lands without my knowledge. If you’re going, we’ll go together. Alps. Get ready. The court has concluded. They will execute Öktem Bey. They exiled Alçiçek Hatun from her homeland. It’s time now, Beys! What are you doing? The consequences of what you’re doing are heavy. It is an indication of civil war! The time for words is over, Turgut Bey. The swords are out of their sheaths. The knife has touched the bone. You are our prisoner until we rescue Öktem Bey from that dungeon. Do you intend to make brothers fight? If something like this happens, I won’t leave this unpunished. And I will not pity you, Uraz Bey. Arrest them. It’s time for revenge, Beys! We’ll go and save Öktem Bey from the gallows. Come on. What you’re doing is not right, Beys. The enemies are not here, they are on the border They are looking for a breach. And you will make the Turks fight each other. Don’t do this! Osman is heading towards the trap. And the gold is with us. But the first sacrifice of the Civil War will be Turgut. Alps, look everywhere. And don’t come back before you find a trace. My Bey, the ones who stole the gold are the same ones who raided Makri. They took the horses and the gold towards Iznik. What your eyes have seen solve all the knots. But we need that knot now. It will earn us money. But, my Bey, the enemies are not the ones we are used to. We have to play a flawless game on them. The issue is about gold, Hüseyin. I will make such a game… even the devil will come and ask us for advice. Plotting games is easy, Hüseyin. That gold will be mine. I won’t let anyone take it. I will not leave it to anyone. Come on, bring my horse. This way, Osman Bey. The tracks of the same horses. But deeper. They carried the gold on the horses… and went in that direction. So you draw us toward a trap, huh? But you will be the one who gets caught despite knowing about the trap. I admire your intelligence, Osman. Yes, I set a trap for you. But we have come to the end of the road now. The path of those who take the sun as a banner and the sky as a tent does not end.

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