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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 115 Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 115 Hindi Subtitles

You will carry the banner of exalting the word of Allah. Advance your horses. Now we are growing the sapling in YeniSehir. I hope my Lord allows me to see it become a tree and bear fruit. Aameen, Osman. You are considered veterans… and at the same time you’re resting. Don’t be jealous of your brothers, Cerkutay. Turgut Bey. I never heard so much. No one came and called me Gazi Cerkutay. Brother… Weren’t you relieved all this time because you couldn’t hear? True. I was relieved, by Allah. I ate and drank a lot. Well, you won’t like the food of the tribe anymore. You’re used to Ülgen Hatun’s food, aren’t you? Now… she is a skilled woman. Cerguday. It’s like she’s taking revenge on me for the times I didn’t listen. I can hear her voice even though she’s not here. Allah Allah. Do you really hear her, Cerkutay? Do you hear Ülgen Hatun’s voice now? Cerguday, come on. Do you still hear her? I hear her. By Allah, she is calling me. Please, brother, don’t scare us. Cerkutay. You’ve already become a veteran, brother. I don’t only hear… I smell… I can smell her food. It smells of bulgur. Oh Allah. Don’t worry, Cerkutay. We also hear Ülgen Hatun’s voice. But smelling that food is only your skill. Are you deceiving me while you’re lying down? I will get my revenge. I will get my revenge. Kumral Abdal. Come on, run, don’t keep the bulgur waiting. Come on. Good one. Eat it all. Cerguday. Bless your hands, I was so hungry, Ülgen Hatun. But I still don’t hear. What? How? You still don’t hear? I came on foot. By Allah, he does not hear. Anyway… eat, Cerguday, eat. Enjoy your meal. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll find a way to open your ears. They said there was a herb… There is a herb… Enjoy your meal. There is a herb and I… I found it. Did you understand? I will find it, and I will open your ears. What am I doing? You eat, Cerguday, eat bread too. I’m eating, the food is very tasty, Ma Sha Allah. – Enjoy your meal. – Thank you. What do you say? I do not hear. I don’t hear, I don’t hear. Really? Okay. Ülgen Hatun. What are you doing? I’m going, eat. In the name of Allah. In the name of Allah. Bless your hands, Ülgen Hatun. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy your meal, brother. I hope you’ll leave us food, In Sha Allah. Come, brother, there is enough food for all of us. I no longer hear. I don’t hear. I don’t hear. Cerkutay, there’ll be some for us too, right? Osman Bey summons you. We must not keep my Bey waiting. MARMARACIK CASTLE YeniSehir… Our enemies are being crushed. But tomorrow it will all be over for the Turks. We will take back our lands. Tell us, Frigg. They are increasing the guard in city and they are very worried. Some soldiers left. It is clear that they are looking for Osman. Let them. It will be difficult for them to find him. Continue, my Valkyrie. The biggest is the West door, most of the units will be there. And I will clear this door for Olof and his men. The number of soldiers is not enough to eliminate these units, my love. Which is why I will have my men sneak into the castle all day. They will be there for you to clear the gates. But I will make the main attack from the East. When their soldiers head West…

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