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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Urdu and English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Urdu and English Subtitles

We will be remembered for our rule of the world… and the justice we spread to the world. Eyvallah. Come on, come on. Öktem. Alçiçek. I will save you. I swear I will save you. We will not give in to slanders, mother. This will not go unpunished. Of course we won’t give up. I would burn this city for a single hair of yours. Hatun. Don’t make a mistake. Let’s go. When the court is over, send word to the Beys… the arrow that left of the bow will pierce.

Ayse Hatun. That’s right, Ayse Hatun. Ayse Hatun, mother of Aktemur Bey your rebellious daughter tried to kill. Be on your way, woman. I have a lot more worries. Look at me… your daughter did something wrong. You didn’t hold her leash as her mother. Look what you say instead of asking for forgiveness. What do you mean I didn’t hold her leash, woman? I don’t consider my daughter a dog like you that I should hold her leash. Hatun!

You aren’t only talking about Ayse’s son… rather the commander of the state. Watch your words, then speak. You won’t be able to handle the consequences. My back bore the pain of losing a brother. It also bears the burden of slander. Let me decide for myself what I should say, Malhun Hatun. Say what you want in your tribe! But this is my city! Stay silent if you don’t want to go to prison like the rest of your family.

The same applies to you, Ayse Hatun. Here, the smell of blood. Tell the Beys… today, we’ll not only save our Bey… we will take our revenge, too. Let them know this. May I come in, Aktemur Bey? Come in. Oh my God, where do you go before your wound heals, my Bey? Kumral Abdal said you should lie down. Is there any news about Alçiçek? Don’t you dare… don’t say her name in front of your mother, my Bey. Tell me, Ülgen Hatun…

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Urdu and English Subtitles

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Where is Alçiçek? Don’t lose your mind. She was brought to the villa. The villa? But you didn’t hear from me. Tell me, where is she now? My Bey. Your wound hasn’t healed yet. This is not the time to be stubborn. Are you going after that girl who tried to kill you again? Mother. I don’t believe Alçiçek shot me. How blind have you become? The girl stabbed you, Aktemur, that wasn’t enough, she shot you. You didn’t open your eyes for a whole day.



What are you saying? If the arrow had hit here… look, one finger… if it hit here, you’d have died. Now, we wouldn’t heal your wound, your funeral would be… don’t make me say it. See you in the court, mother. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Where are you coming from, scribe? I suppressed the rebels. I did my duty and came. Alaeddin. The trial has not started yet, what are you writing? I am writing the date for the trial to be conducted by Dursun Fakih…. the first judge of our state to be established.



Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Kayi Family

English Subtitles

Ma Sha Allah. Sit here, Ayse Hatun. Osman Bey’s loyal soldiers. Your men are called soldiers. And we are called Alps. Doesn’t make a difference. Just don’t appear in front of me… You are not allowed to enter Osman Bey’s villa with arms. Let’s go. Come on. Where is Osman Bey? My Bey will come whenever he wishes. Go ahead. Where is Kantakuzenos? Oh the world of my troubles! Murderers are hosted in the villa… the noose is seen fitting for the Bey. We accept this too.

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