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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Hindi Subtitles

The affairs of a Bey are confidential. I will share this secret with you. But it’s heavy. Either I will keep you in prison until the campaign is over… or I’ll have to chop your heads off. Now tell me, Beys… do you still want to listen? Eyvallah, Orhan Bey. – Well, Orhan Bey… – He said it’s a secret. Don’t you hear what our Bey is saying, Demirhan Bey? He says it’s a secret We must listen to the words of the Bey. If your questions are over, I want to hear about the other issues now. YeniSehir – OSMAN BEY’S VILLA We wanted to ask about Osman Bey, and there wasn’t a word that we did not hear. That is what happens if the post is left to a young boy, of course. This is not good. Beys. Orhan Bey asked… and you told him your issues. And then the council ended. What are you still dwelling on, Beys? When did asking about Osman Bey become wrong, Turgut Bey? Didn’t Orhan Bey’s answer convince you, Uraz Bey? If you think like this… you will wait for Osman Bey in prison. Isn’t it a shame, Turgut Bey? If you want to see shame, look at each other’s faces. No need for anymore talk. Go on, the council is over. Mind your business. They’re up to something again. It will show up soon, whatever it is. If you accept my offer… I want to make you a partner in the trade that I will do in Marmaracik, Bayindir Bey. Thank you. Thank you, but… while there are so many traders around, why me? Because you are the most skilled trader in this city. And the richest, Bayindir Bey. Aren’t you in charge of everything here? Not at all. Let’s say my eyes are open. Don’t conceal yourself. For example, Osman Bey… they say he’s not around. I’m sure no one but you knows the truth. Woman… you are overthinking me. I only know what everyone else knows. Orhan sits on the seat in place of Osman Bey. And Alps are on guard everywhere. Allah forbid… I hope nothing has happened to Osman Bey. No, I hope you’re wrong I don’t even want to think about Osman Bey’s death. No way. I do not want it too. Who would? May God keep Osman Bey with us. But… this is what it looks like, what can we say? I pray to our Almighty Lord grants Orhan Bey strength and ability, In Sha Allah. While the atmosphere is in such chaos… the best we can do is trade, Bayindir Bey. It is not clear what will happen to the city. We must increase our profits. Let’s increase it, woman. Sure. But let’s talk about terms first. The goods will come from you… and finding customers is my responsibility. Our profits will be half and half. I want two-thirds. This is not the time for bargaining. I accept, we are agreed. Wait for word from me, Bayindir Bey. May it be good. Show yourselves. Tell me, what is the situation in Marmaracik? They got most of the soldiers out, my Bey. The castle is open to enter. But things are not good, my Bey. They captured our brother Turahan. Degenerates. They will all get their punishment. I will cut their flesh off their bodies. They took out those soldiers to attack YeniSehir. We’ll take Marmaracik… and save Turahan. Wherever we had to spy, we made that place a home, my Bey. What is our duty in this conquest?

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