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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Geo dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 11 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 11 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv

I will not let them get away with this. I won’t, my daughter. Bring a piece of cloth and hot water quickly. Come on, hold, valiant. Hold on, Aktemur. Aktemur! Aktemur! What happened? What happened, Bala? What happened? Who did this? Ayse, I will tell you, Ayse. He was hit by two arrows, he is in a bad state. Let’s take off his clothes, let’s take them off. Let’s open it. Stop, Aktemur. Aktemur. Give me the cloth, give me.

Aktemur! Who did this? Öktem Bey’s daughter. – Alçiçek. – What? This is unbelievable. She wouldn’t do this, why would she try to kill him? Snake! Snake! I knew she would do something. I told you to stay away from her. You didn’t listen to me, Aktemur. I told you to stay away from her. Hold on. Hold on, I’m here. Aktemur. We must take them out. We should take them out. Say, Osman Bey… we will become lone wolves again.

On a difficult path, one’s companions are few. Who said we will be many when we reach our goal? Our homeland is one in the hereafter. Our homeland is the whole world. Eyvallah. So what stops us is not fear of walls. No. We will uproot them. May I come in, my Bey? Come in. My Bey… Aktemur… is seriously injured. What? Protect him, oh Allah. Spare him for his mother. I did not do it. I wouldn’t. No, sister Bengi, no.

Obviously they will sacrifice Öktem Bey. Otherwise, all these misfortunes don’t just befall you. I’m sure of that. Our reputation reaches the seven continents, Bayındır Bey. Whoever tries to sacrifice us… has given up on himself. It will definitely pass. These days will surely pass. They will definitely pass. Isn’t there day at the end of night? May I come in, Bengi Hatun? Come in. Alçiçek Hatun tried to kill Aktemur, son of Gündüz Bey.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 11 Urdu Hindi Dubbing by GeoTv



What are you saying? What are you saying? Alçiçek. I told her not to. I told her not to do anything crazy. Is Aktemur Bey alive? How is he? I don’t know. They took her to prison. I will burn Yenisehir! Enough! What they took from me is enough! Alps! We’ll crush anyone and everyone. Get ready. Ya Shafi. Who did this? Tell me. Ladies, tell me, who did this? Son. He’s my brother’s trust.

My Bey, Öktem Bey’s daughter… Alçiçek did this. That girl, that girl. You couldn’t do it in the prison. So you set a treacherous trap… and you killed my son. Come on. Alçiçek. Alçiçek. Aktemur. Aktemur. Aktemur. Open your eyes! Aktemur. Aktemur! Ayse, stay calm. Aktemur. Aktemur. Aktemur. Open your eyes. Aktemur. We will uproot this sedition. They know our justice and strike us through our justice. I swear we’ll hang them in the gallows. Aktemur. Bala. Aktemur. Aktemur!

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