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Dastan Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

Dastan Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

Dastan Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

We heard the Gök men talking. Alpagu Han will ask for his niece from his brother Balamir for his son. And these chest and we too… were his gifts to the Western Gök Kingdom. Which son does he want the girl for? You know his disabled child… the child who can’t hold with his hands, walk with his legs or think with his mind… they ask for him. Batuga. Okay then. Take the chest and the cart also. Let’s go. What will happen if we give these golds to the villagers? It’s not food or milk.

How will it fill their stomachs? What are we going to do, Akkız? Hey, I’m talking to you, what are you thinking? We can’t sell these stolen goods in the city. The merchants will realise it’s from the Gök Kingdom’s treasury. But there is a lot of gold. Enough for the entire steppe. Look at the beauty of this. What a shame. The bride of the Gök Kingdom will not be able to wear this silk on her wedding.

Okay. So, let the bride of the Mountain Kingdom choose the silk that she’ll wear on her wedding. I choose this red silk. Bright like the sun beside Yaman. Akkız, Akkız. We’ll make a dress for you from this floral silk, how is it? Sırma. I’m a fighter, what will I do with this? Don’t make me angry. Otherwise, I’ll make you wear bright colours. Sırma, take this off. I’m a bride, everything goes as I say. Blue is very beautiful too. –

The green is so beautiful, and the pink. – Sırma, have you lost your mind? They’re all so pretty look, they’re all so pretty. Yaman, say something to your friend. – Green is also beautiful, they are all very beautiful. – Have you lost your mind? Sırma! Sırma. They are all so beautiful, look. Alpagu Han. Gök soldiers. Alpagu Han’s Nine Banners. Let’s run. You die too, you die too! This time… the Mountain People will not escape.

What will they do? Since the men of the Gök Kingdom have come to the foot of the Mountain… then, the two-headed wolf’s claws… will take the life of Alpagu Han. Stop! Protect the Khan. Let’s go! Alps! We fell into an ambush. Who? Two-headed wolf’s claws. Let’s go! What happened? All the Alps were killed except Kıraç. Unfortunately, it’s her again. Two-headed wolf’s claws. Saltuk, leave a unit of Alps here.

Episode 20

Let them protect our Khan. Search everywhere in the steppes with the other Alps. Look under every stone. Let the guest tent be set up in a safe place. Don’t pitch the guest tent here. You are right, it is very easy to get attacked. Let’s put it on the hill. Let’s go to the river behind the hill. It’s safer there. I, the one who spreads fear in hearts… gave my heart to the daughter of my enemy.

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And now I take it back. Mother, mother, mother! Did you remember? You didn’t remember. Do not remember. Don’t turn to stone because of pain like your father. The day I took your mother’s life here… you said you won’t talk to me until you die. That’s how it was. You didn’t say a word.

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