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Dastan Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles

Dastan Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles

Dastan Episode 18 Urdu Subtitles Review

He said: “I betrayed the Gök Khan.” “He will kill you.” Is it only him? Is he the only one who betrayed me? Tılsım. I read it a thousand times. I saved it Your father, Khan of the Mountain Kingdom says… according to what my daughter Tılsım heard from the Gök Khan and told me… on the third day of the month, at dawn… when the Gök Khan, Alpagu Han… will leave the Gök Kingdom with 1500 Alps… and reaches the border of China…

They will cross through Emli Valley which is on the map. And with them will be Balamir Beg… Saltuk Beg… and Vargı Beg… in the army. Commander of the Great Army of China… my only request from you… is that none of them survive. I didn’t die. I stayed alive. But… 249 Gök Alps died. 249 Gök Alps. How can I leave you alive now? Alpagu. Don’t do this. I loved you so much. I’m your wife. You are, Tılsım. You are. Let the great mountains and forests… the steppes… and the colorful horizon be my witness…

I, the one who spreads fear in hearts… gave my heart to the daughter of my enemy. And now I take it back. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Wake up, mother. Mother! Open your eyes. Mother. How could you kill her? Mother. Mother. Mother. MOUNTAIN KINGDOM The loser becomes captive to the winner. Know this. And swing your sword accordingly, Akkız. I will not be a captive. You swing your sword to, my Alp father.

I will take you captive. Will the great Mountain Alp become a captive? The great big Akkız, in fact. The great big Akkız? Okay then. Little big Akkız doesn’t become captive. Akkız, my dear. Let’s see then… the great big Akkız. Let’s see who becomes the captive. You are the captive. You are the captive. Only you can defeat Evren Alp, Akkız. You are our leader from now on. Akkız, Chief of the Mountain Alps. Give me one of these wooden swords… so I can defeat my father too.

My father made my swords, I won’t give them. Nobody can take my daughter’s sword as long as she doesn’t want to give it. They can’t. My daughter does not become a captive. She does not. The Gök people are coming! Children, women, hide! Come on, hide! Come on, children, come on. Come on, get up. Hide, women, they’re from the Gök Kingdom. Akkız. Go. Sırma, Yaman, take Börtü. Let’s go. I brought you your daughter. Toygar Han! My daughter. Tılsım. My sister. Tılsım. Tılsım. Tılsım. Tılsım.

Destan Episode 18

My sister. Don’t cry, take it. Whoever killed my daughter… even if he is the Great Khan… I won’t let him leave this tribe alive! The Khan who married his daughter to me to spy on me… I’ll destroy his tribe on his head. Destroy it! I don’t want your tribe to be left without a leader… Çolpan Hatun. Urha! Mountain Alps! Men, women and children of the Mountain Kingdom. Your King and Tılsım Hatun have betrayed my state. And I punished them.

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I don’t know if you are involved in this betrayal or not… Çolpan Hatun. I don’t have proof. So I’ll spare your life. But my command regarding you and your tribe is exile. Get away from my borders before the sun goes down. Alpagu, we don’t leave our homeland! Father! Father. You die too, you die too! 249 Alps died. I counted them on the battlefield one by one, 249 Gök Alps. They weren’t just Alps.


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