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Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 4 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 4 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 4 Urdu and English Subtitles

Do you understand? Since you won’t eat it, Yahya always took the plate Let the rusk stay at least the onion smells in my mouth now Yahya smiled and left it on the plate, thought the ballerina broke a piece of rusk and ate it The beams looked at him laughed ballerina looked away Salih was laughing Hayrettin was laughing Let’s get together now Yahya is a Santa Maria Hayrettin got up ships outside the bay looked at the starboard with binoculars on the portal

Apparently he wasn’t alone, my boss can’t stand in front of us with an unarmed Merchant ship and a galley, just close the bay right here and don’t surrender. You will force it, admiral, why don’t we sink the cannon in two of them with a stone, if you capture it right and bring it to us, half of that gold will be yours. Admiral, the title deed, His Holiness, Barbaros number , we can’t go against our command to bring it safe, right, Captain Yes sir,

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Tipo flew over the ship Hayrettin Forward on the deck he looked towards at the beginning, point to us. Let him wait in his mouth with me, our second ship will approach at first until the distance is 50 kurus. Barbarossa will approach at first, as soon as they deliver, we will fire our cannons and send them all to the bottom of Hell Soldiers Become a war position Come on, put it quickly and the ships are seen from above

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Hayrettin and Levents were looking at the ships Hayrettin’s hair was blown in the wind, the soldiers were making preparations on the deck in the portal he looked with binoculars in his amazement then he looked at the cannon on the ship the cannons exploded his hose and the soldiers fell on the deck the soldiers were rowing The banner appeared the cannons were filled and put back in their place bismillah the cannons exploded the ship gunners were seen from afar Artillery exploded cannons Levents tried to hide

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Hayrettin’s eyes were seen from a close bird’s eye view cannons were reloaded soldiers fell from the deck and fell into the water as soon as they knew it The gunners fired guns the soldiers fell into the water Salih laughed while he was on the burning deck, a soldier fell into the water while burning. Cannons exploded from behind Hayrettin appeared Hayrettin was seriously looking at bay, bird’s eye view appeared on the portal

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 4 Urdu and English Subtitles






He was looking at Amaztin on the deck Soldiers collapsed to the ground Hayrettin laughed Yahya shot a gun at Hayrettin Bless what was said soon You are too clumsy to shoot not even me but an elephant You’ll die without a final prayer, scoundrel Admiral, I didn’t shoot at you The burning barrel appeared behind the hose, the barrel exploded, the floor fell apart in the cordon The beams hugged the ropes and jumped onto the ship, the ground was lying on the ground in his trunk

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Hayrettin drew his sword and walked towards him a soldier took his sword in his hand a Levent he killed him with his sword Hayrettin held his sword towards his portal and porton raised his hand from me, don’t take the life of your wish go tell your king he will not come down as long as his religion attacks Islam Starboard fell Starboard was seen on the ground Hayrettin looked at his sword Hayrettin kissed his sword and put it on his forehead Allahu akbar

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