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Barbaros Heyreddin Seson 2 Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 9 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 9 Urdu and English Subtitles

Yahya looked at him smiling slapped the valet Yahya with his hand checked his face valerie was looking seriously our guests, are you Turks treating your guests like this by locking them in a room? If is wild like you Yes, once I was a member of the Soylu prison dynasty, we figured out that you might be out of luck, you send them to the king, are you that naive or are you pretending to be the navy or something? he won’t come, the future will see Yahya seemed thoughtful I don’t think your king took that much Fortress His only aim was to catch my uncle, he didn’t succeed in that either, right No , I know you’re talking like that to discourage me, Yahya thought, well, come on, you’re going to die, ballerina, now in this heat Aside from the difficulties of going to the rail, you will have to survive the lions encountered on the road . And they gave them the ones who were able to wash the barber who attacked the passengers of that road. Valeria looked at Yahya sadly. Will I live throughout the dough as your work in an uncivilized place Yahya thought, he approached valerie, as I said, our work is good, you are our guest, my uncle will decide Until then, looked at your hands and pulled them away because they sent a navy on you even though you are , pushed them hard I can’t afford to anger him any more Valeria looked at John sadly John looked thoughtful had prepared him after he ate his meal You go, Yahya went away. Valeria looked behind her, the city of Istanbul appeared in the daytime, a small model of a cage appeared. Is that the light of my life, I hope three sons will come out suddenly in a west. Even if he returns from his relatives in the business district , if we want to go and ask, this girl violinist was playing the thing in his hand. thought Hüsrev came Reis Rifat Efendi came, my pasha kemankes left what he had Valide stood up Rifat came to have a good day my pasha Welcome Reis We found you welcome. Did anyone see you entering the mansion No Pasha No one saw you. What news did you bring to us? you can talk, my pasha sent my sultan his weapons to his amazement, my pasha violinkes got serious I swear he’ll eat 30 TL egg They beat the oars in the direction of the lp and I came back to you Valide looked thoughtful, the violinist looked seriously, wait for news from me Rifat came out, the violinist was angry, turned his back, the violinist knocked down the people at the table, don’t be surprised, what does Süleyman want with this? It didn’t occur to me , there is no judge from the governor, there is no possibility, she can’t make the Divan-i Hümayun accept this Especially after a Mother Valide shook her head, isn’t it possible, everything is possible for a man who conquered woodini in Rhodes, which his grandfather couldn’t get violinist thought If she found out, it would be a disaster. chiefs to each other They looked at it, it’s round, it’s not flat, it’s not 99, it’s not 100, tell me, Hayrettin butcher pressed meat, I swear , there’s Ken’s Palace. If we can place a spy here, we can get all the information firsthand. Doesn’t this man need to enter and leave the palace easily? Yes, the person who will find water in the furnace.

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