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Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 2 Hindi Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 2 Hindi Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 2 Hindi Subtitles

I heard the man stopped, Barbarossa man laughed he went down the stairs and got on the boat kiero went after him the soldiers put the trunk in the boat started to move away from you The governor waved after them valeriyada waved to his father Hayrettin threw a soldier into the sea from the deck a man looked through binoculars We have guests Chief Hayrettin came down the stairs took the binoculars looked at the sea with the binoculars The boat with valerya appeared wouldn’t go without it Hayrettin looked seriously

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 34 Hindi Subtitles

The boat docked the soldier extended the ladder stood up Hayrettin had put his sword on his shoulder was looking at the valeria valeria came out of the deck valerya hesitated in fear Hayrettin bowed with his head Hayrettin nodded with his head valerya moved aside As Piero was getting on board, Hayrettin put his sword towards him your fate will be the same again Hayrettin cut the ladder with his sword

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 2 Hindi Subtitles

Hiero fell into the sea with the ladder Hayrettin looked after him and shot the soldier in the begging boat You made a big mistake by kidnapping someone’s daughter, don’t let them chase me or I’ll feed the governor’s daughter to sharks adios Captain Hayrettin looked at the sky The hawk appeared, another ship appeared in the open, the man was eating lemons what’s going on chatty Sergeant hey hey hey hey hey

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 2 Hindi Subtitles

what is he saying if you don’t understand think about it One of you says Tipo, the chipo falcon is coming and he looked at sahin The hawk appeared while flying sahin landed on Hayrettin’s arm Did Hayrettin loved sahin, my private me appeared close while standing on Tipo Hayrettin’s arm Hayrettin smiling forward he looked raised his arm, the chip flew and left my lion Hodja took the galleon, wow crazy man Wow, if my uncle said he will get it

Thank God the man started walking Hayrettin was standing on the deck The levents climbed aboard [ Music] Hayrettin and Yahya hugged Thank you, my nephew , may it be halal, May our war be blessed, Yigits again, I put fire into the heart of the infidel and his tool Of course, of course you stop, tell me now, since I won the bet, did you deserve your bed, Hayrettin took the sword and unsheathed it he looked at the sword Valeria came

The levents looked at valeria Was it all because of a simple claim so can’t believe it’s a tool I didn’t tell you to laugh, I swear by Allah, the governor’s Salih and the Levites laughed, go ahead and see the Spanish ships raining cannons on you. Shall I sip a drink Hayrettin Port squeezed his hand, listen to me , do you know what is written on our flag, the governor’s daughter Hayrettin pointed to the starboard


The flag was swinging in the air nasrum minallahi tefed√ľn kari and Besir-i are close Give good news to the believers If you damage the wire of the believers, you will find me and my chiefs in the gallery he seriously looked at our case, not the case of Mahmut Our Way to the Uhra The Starboard has been released The valeri is away my fahrettin

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 2 Hindi Subtitles

Let’s find a safe cove and take shelter in Levent until the storm passes then we are on the road Hayrettin went away Levents dispersed A castle in the forest from high it was the screen bel ve the castle mayorku A man opened a chest Venetian raki When I am crowned by the Holy Roman Empire I will be very honored to serve you and your church Your Highness, my dear St. Father, did you invite me to bribe the Ayvalik pillar for the imperial crown,

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