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Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 16 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 14 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 14 Urdu and English Subtitles

He also sent his family to Islambol in haste. It’s not the first time that Barbarossa has left his agent in his place. But.why is this man sending his family to Constantinople now? Maybe they wanted to travel? Can’t it? Your thought is simply feminine naivety, my Queen. If Barbarossa is doing such a thing.there must be a logical reason. With all due respect, my Queen, Lord Chichevs is right.

Barbarossa must be preparing something in Constantinople. Or will he become the head of Solomon’s navy without our knowledge? If that were the case, they would have let us know immediately, even just to intimidate us. Then what? I think we should send a spy to Constantinople.and see what’s going on, Your Royal Highness. Notify Andrea Doria immediately. I want him to take care of the espionage himself. Immediately!

On the head. What is this? There is not one idle porter left in the huge port. Welcome sister. You couldn’t find a porter, it seems. -Who is this? -Bargeman Murad. While I was wandering around the pier, he noticed that I was looking for a porter. and agreed to help us. We agreed on five akçes per person. You say, sister, I did not trust you. I came out behind you, all I was looking for a porter. Then I found this out of the blue.

What happened ma’am, don’t you like it? I didn’t like it. Your title looks more like a haramzade than a barge porter. How do you know you didn’t try to deceive my brother? -Sister… -You stop, sister. Look at me, madam… They call me Deli Murad of Galata, with his name. -Who I am… -They call me just Planet. Don’t get too close to me , you’ll eat your fist. Those who don’t get punched think theirs is a pear that is spoiled.

If you want to know if I am a Haramzade or not, go ask the kethüda. He tells you very well. Come on, thank you, sister. I hope your sister finds someone who is not haramzade. You will die if you don’t always stand up to the male nation, right? Let’s see, now take the load of the ship alone. I will download. Payitaht is very good, there is nothing like the sea Geveze. By Allah, it is.

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 14 Urdu and English Subtitles


One can become a fish and jump over there. God permits, if the weather goes like this , we will arrive in Venice quickly. Mehmed Reis, I forgot to tell you. We have to stop by Oliva before Venice. I ‘ll leave your letter to Valeria’s father. Does your uncle know about this? No. So we can’t go. I am under the command of Hayreddin Reis. His order was to take you to Venice , not to Oliva. Don’t, don’t, Memed Reis.

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My uncle won’t be angry if I’m late for a day or two. I said I can’t go, that’s it. Besides, what’s wrong with you from your daughter’s letter? I know, I know chatter. The stubbornness of Memed Reis is worse than a donkey. What am I going to do? Let me tell you what to do. I will confiscate your ship. Excuse me, are you Signor Orsini? Yes, signorita. Did you have any goods to send to Venice? -Or to a different city? -No, senor. I am Valeria Manso, daughter of Juan Manso, Governor of Oliva.

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 14 English Subtitles Kayi Family


I was kidnapped by the pirate Barbarossa. and sent here as a prisoner. Please help me. Dervish I swear I wo n’t be able to stop without asking you questions. Now look why did we do it like a rifle? It was smaller in shape. My son, the spearhead needs to be stretched… This will both work and give the spear range. Well, Dervish, can I tell you something? What a beautiful unbeliever hunts with it. Like this thing, like a fishing rod.

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