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Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 13 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 12 Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 12 Urdu and English Subtitles

How will you send my letter to my father? I will take it. Are you? Memed Reis, who brought us here, was going to take me to my uncle. I go to Oliva before and then I go to my uncle. Yahya… You are a very good person, Yahya. I wish we hadn’t met like this . -Selamunaleykum. -And aleykum salam. You’re early, Dervish. I wish you would listen again. After what you told me, I’ve been turning left and right all night.

What can I do to help these brave men? A minute. You’re not returning to Payitah, are you? I’m with you son. I’m so glad. As long as you are with us, our backs will not come down, evelallah. I hope my Lord does not embarrass me. Amen, amen. So let’s all go to the mansion of the Venetian doge. There is something I want to show. Aries? What coach? Assoc. I mean, the duke of Venice. Come on, I’ll tell you on the way.

I always tell on the way, I will tell on the way. Well, if Salih had been, he would have eaten your tell me now, tell me now. By the way, where is Salih? (Thriller continues ) Help this blind person. Help that poor poor poor people of Rome. Nightingale from Heraklion… I finally found you. No, Nightingale? You couldn’t find the naive to be scammed like me and you started begging? Who are you sir? I did not recognize your voice.

Would you like to help that poor poor man? Can not you see? I am the Salih Reis, whose fifty akçes you drank with the promise of bringing a gimbal compass. How can I see, sir? I am blind. Is that so, so you’re blind? I see that suddenly both your eyes were opened and your infertility went away. Salih, go away. You’re breaking my counter. love. I’ve been wandering the streets to find you for days .

If we don’t sit down and break the back of two words, I won’t go anywhere. We have nothing to talk to you about . Beat it. Well. Get well soon. I hope God will heal you soon . I’m sorry, I disturbed you. Guards! Okay, god damn okay. What do you want? I have a long story to tell. Let’s go somewhere out of sight. Good. Fall after me. This is Assoc Gritti’s mansion. It means Miss Luna asked you to come in alone.

Yes. I’ll sneak in, stamp your passport and sneak out. What is going on there? Nose change. One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three… Thirty-eight, thousand thirty-nine, one thousand forty… I have forty seconds to get in through the window. Look, it’s full of soldiers. How will you get inside in forty seconds? I see I see. This is upstairs. How will you get up? If you have your own ladder, you can’t go up here.

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 12 Urdu and English Subtitles


Aydin, did I bring you here to be a doomsayer? If you had forty cubits from the balcony to the roof … What do you say, Dervish? Is there a way to sneak in? Dervish… I say inside, is there a way to sneak in? Can you find a solution? Yes Kandiyeli, what is your answer? Are you with us or not? My network is not as crowded as you might think. We are all eighteen men.


They’re all getting rid of the rope and the stakes. It’s hard to convince them to spy on us. A hungry dog’s crop is narrow. This will be enough to convince them. You don’t understand, do you, Salih? Do you think I came to these Greek hands to take the money of a few have fun ? Let’s understand then. Why are you holding your feet so much? What’s wrong with Kandiye?

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 12 English Subtitles Kayi Family


The day Baba Oruç was martyred.we all fell into pieces. Khidr Reis was a more faithful servant than me . But I could never get used to the absence of Baba Oruç. I got my revenge.but I never got cold. How did it happen that I was not with him when he was martyred?

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