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Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Hindi Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Hindi Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Hindi Subtitles

The boat crashed into the ship The soldier on the ship looked towards the sound his face straightened in a veiled boat he opened his veil He looked angry Who are you and what are you looking for ate here He was sunk by the wild pirate barbarossa My poor captain man started to climb on the ship he sent this boat soldier he was looking at the man, if you take one more step, I will shoot you, the fault you expected, the soldier aimed his gun at the man ,

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Hindi Subtitles

The man pulled the soldier’s gun towards himself, hit the soldier’s head on the railing and threw the soldier into the sea The man hid, he followed the surroundings A soldier came and the soldier fainted secretly The man looked at the prisoners on the deck , took the keys from the soldier, jumped to the bottom, the man came to the prisoners and started to undo the chains. Who are you, the valiant man stood up and looked at the prisoner

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 33 Hindi Subtitles

Barbarossa Hayrettin Hayrettin went away another ship was seen from a bird’s eye view a man cut a lemon with his sword Bon appetit 3 The men were eating lemons on the ship one ate it with a grimace and the other threw the seed out o Bela, my lion, you are entrusted to us by the deceased fasting, look at me, if you become more scurvy,

Your father will cling to me on the other side I swear I don’t love let’s just leave it at work so that it will pull my coat, nothing will pass, we entered Duru alive, I swear, the man in the middle laughed and the young man looked smiling A ship was approaching the shore A man was walking on the street with a parrot on his shoulder two soldiers were carrying a chest a young woman and a man were walking ind e I don’t want to go back to granada on a ship with Muslim influences Dad,

Barbaroslar Season 2 Episode 1 Hindi Subtitles

You have to, the next commercial ship will come in a month. There is nothing to fear, valeria, all the prisoners are in chains Also, a few soldiers will accompany you throughout the journey, but how relieved I was that if they cut our way, they would be wandering around here all the time with their ships.I heard the man stopped, Barbarossa man laughed he went down the stairs and got on the boat kiero went after him the soldiers put the trunk in the boat started to move away from you

The governor waved after them valeriyada waved to his father Hayrettin threw a soldier into the sea from the deck a man looked through binoculars We have guests Chief Hayrettin came down the stairs took the binoculars looked at the sea with the binoculars The boat with valerya appeared wouldn’t go without it Hayrettin looked seriously

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Hindi Subtitles


The boat docked the soldier extended the ladder stood up Hayrettin had put his sword on his shoulder was looking at the valeria valeria came out of the deck valerya hesitated in fear Hayrettin bowed with his head Hayrettin nodded with his head valerya moved aside As Piero was getting on board, Hayrettin put his sword towards him your fate will be the same again Hayrettin cut the ladder with his sword

Hiero fell into the sea with the ladder Hayrettin looked after him and shot the soldier in the begging boat You made a big mistake by kidnapping someone’s daughter, don’t let them chase me or I’ll feed the governor’s daughter to sharks adios Captain Hayrettin looked at the sky The hawk appeared, another ship appeared in the open, the man was eating lemons what’s going on chatty

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