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Barbarossa Ep 26 Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Ep 26 Urdu Subtitle

Barbarossa Ep 26 Urdu Subtitle

The people treated him with respect. They approached him and calmly explained to him. Sometimes he was deceived himself. And he did not give up saying “I am Constantine!” Then things changed. Until he gave up his Kingdom… they beat him with a stick in the market. If we come across Antuan… he’ll change his mind when he sees us. And if he doesn’t change it… and if he continues saying, God forbid, “I am the Lord of the seas,” then we’ll hit him well and it’ll work out. If that’s what you say, then it’s true,

Baba Oruç. Eyvallah. – I told you so we can be careful. – You did the right thing. Eyvallah! Is this them? Only this many? – Yes sir. – Only three Turk prisoners from riches? Sir, they resisted. That’s why most of them died! What a meaningless loss! So they chose to die fatigued! You are not a farmer! – I am a farmer, I plow the land! You’re lying! Your hand is not cracked! I am a contractor who came to the village as a guest! Lovely! Separate him.

Tell your men to get rid of him. Tell them to prepare the ransom! My Lord! Your brother Enrico is dead! What do you mean? That guy named Oruç killed everyone, only I survived! What do you say? When I found the chance… in order to tell you… Find everything you can… about that guy named Oruç! LESBOS Things are well, Brother Ishak! Shop business is fine. But the accounts of the shop overlapped with the land a little!

Now you’ve come, you can organize them all! Is there anyone who knows accounting better than you! God willing! If I don’t organize it, who will, brother? Very well. I prepared some syrup with vinegar and honey for you, drink it well! “Sirkengebin” is healing, facilitates digestion after food, leave the calculations for later! – Alright, with your permission! – Is this possible,Hizir? You’ve just arrived from travel!

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What does it mean to go as soon as the food is finished? Can’t you talk a little? Aunt, today is spring celebration. People are now gathered outside! I missed it, by God, let me go out for a little walk! – Okay then! – What’s going on, Hatun? Have you become the head of the house? Is your permission being taken now? Let him go out! Go, go, come on! Don’t be late! God bless you! If it were left to you, you’d hold him in chains.

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if I did, do you think he’d stay? He’ll still go. Have a blessed spring celebration, Ilyas. God bless you brother chief! What are you drawing? Do you draw the lady who beautifies your imagination? No, brother! Don’t be fooled by my name! I have one love… I paint it unchanged every spring fest. You’ve become a big man, Ilyas. 0But your dreams never came true!

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