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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 82 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 82 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Don’t you know I don’t trust him anymore? With what audacity do you utter his name at this table? Do you count on my mercy? Get out of my sight! Be gone! Forgive me, my Sultan. Are you sure… the Ghaznavids set the trap? The evidence shows this. But there seems to be a plot in it. Who could benefit from the falling-out of the Seljuks and Ghaznavids other than the infidels? Maybe we should think about this, son.

Tomorrow I will go to Ghazni to speak to my sister. It would be good if we also consulted my sister on this matter. She said she’d go through Büst first. This trap issue… I don’t want it to be heard in the tribe for now. As my Bey commands. Finally, you opened your eyes, my dear. How are you doing? I’m fine. Where am I? You are in the Merv tribe. When they brought you here… you were unconscious. You were in the healing tent first…

But I had them bring you here for the night. I’m Akin Ay. What is your name? Akça. When I was looking for some stuff for you in the chest… I found this, look. I loved wearing it a lot when I was young. Karabey. Hey MashaAllah! Hey MashaAllah! Karabey. My Bey. We must put on fresh ointment. Did you prepare this ointment? I owed you a life, and now I’ve paid that debt. May Allah bless you both. Who are you and where are you from?

Tell me your name. My name is Akça. I am a Turkmen who lived like a captive in Vaspurakan. And when I was going to be sold into slavery, I found a way and ran away from them. And I threw myself into the well with difficulty. And thank Allah you caught up to me. Otherwise, I would be in a difficult situation. Okay, thank you Leave Vaspurakan behind you now… And don’t worry about where you’ll stay.

You can stay in our tribe as long as you like. Good morning. Thank you, Akin Ay Mother. It suits you very well, MashaAllah. If you permit… I want to host my dear Akça. To be a the peace in my tent and a companion on my way. Huh, Alparslan? Alparslan? The son of Çagri Bey? Forgive me, my Bey. I didn’t know who you were. This tribe is your tribe now. And your Bey is Çagri Bey. Look, your tent is ready. May Allah be pleased with you.

Hey MashaAllah. He looks lively again. My Bey. Are you better, my dear? Thank Allah, my Bey. Thanks to you, my life and my tent are in the best condition. This is what brought the Seljuks to where they are today… and it will lead them to the future, my dear, Akça. Wherever we see an oppressed… we run to help them. If one turns his face away from the oppressed… we turn our face away from that person too. This is our custom. Eyvallah, Atabey.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 82 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

My Bey, the horses are ready to go. Let’s go then. My Bey. Karabey has recovered. But I think that if he rests a little, he will be stronger, it will be better. You see… he was cured by your hands… he says he will recover more as he accompanies me on the road. Let’s go. May Khidhr accompany you, my Bey. Thank you, Akça Hatun. Come, my dear. Look at her.

It looks like she came out of the palace, not a well. Look what she’s wearing! She captured his mind and possessed him instantly. ANI CASTLE Turk horsemen have been seen roaming north of Vaspurakan, near Kapetron. Catch them with your forces and bring them here… so we may know their goal. As you command, dear father.

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