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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 81 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 81 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Halil Efendi? These include what I took from Ani and Vaspurakan as well. Thank you, Halil Efendi. Tell them to take all of these inside. – I’ll have a look later, okay? – Okay. You’ve come a long way, and you must be tired. Eat and rest a little, what do you think? – Well then, stay well. – Thank you. Like all Seljuk children, you must learn to ride sheep first. When you ride without being afraid… you will then choose a horse and accompany it.

Inform the doctors quickly, Mother Selcen. Go tell the doctors to set up the healing tent at once, my girl. The woman has lost strength. Hold her. Take care of Karabey, too, Atabey. Who is this girl, brother? I don’t know who she is and where she’s from. What’s up with her? We’ll understand when she regains consciousness. Now she needs medical help immediately. Come on get out and let them have a look at her.

Why do you stand here, Gevher? Go and get the doctors. Go on. How is he doing? Will Karabey be okay? I took out the arrow and put some ointment on, my Bey. But his wound is deep. If he is here alive and well… it is through Allah’s grace first… then his strength. Him coming here is a miracle in itself, my Bey. We can’t lose hope in Allah, but… InshaAllah, he will be your wings once again as soon as possible, my Bey.

Karabey… is not just my horse… he is a brother to me. My companion and my wings. Forgive me, Karabey. Forgive me. MERV TRIBE The poor girl escaped from Vaspurakan from the hands of the Byzantine infidels. She hid in a well, waiting for help. We arrived just in time fortunately. Vaspurakan. The wound that never stops bleeding inside us. That wound will heal one day, InshaAllah. My son…

It is clear that the poor girl doesn’t have a place to sleep. However, her identity and where she’s from must be carefully ascertained. You are right, Father. Tell me about that ambush you encountered on the way to Rey, son. You have delighted our table with your coming. Thank Allah that our son, Erbaskan is better now. Whenever we come to this palace… you are the one who makes us forget our worries and brings joy to our hearts, Altuncan Mother.

Thank you, son. How are the preparations for the campaign, Hâce? Preparations are almost complete, my Sultan. But I see it important to send an investigation team to Anatolia before the campaign. My Sultan. Anatolia is a land we have visited before. I think sending an investigation team would be a waste of time. We have not been to the Greek lands for more than ten years, my Sultan. Our army may be exposed to something unexpected, Allah forbid.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 81 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

My order is… let our team go out at sunrise tomorrow to investigate the lands near Pasinler. As you command, my Sultan. If you don’t mind, let Hasan and I lead that investigation team. That’s okay. May Allah ease your journey. – Aameen. – Aameen. My Sultan. Our princes have never let our state down, and have won every battle so far. But they’ve never been to Anatolia before. My Sultan.

The one who knows Anatolia and has fought there before is Ibrahim Yinal’s… Do you hear what you’re saying, Kundûri? Don’t you know that all the authorities of that cursed Yinal… who rebelled against his country… and succumbed to his arrogance and tried to overthrow his Sultan, were taken from him?

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