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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 79 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 79 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


The son of the Governor of Ani, Katakalon Kekavmenos… Yannis. Prince Yannis. Welcome to Ani, General Dukas. And… what was your name? I forgot it. Diogenes. Just Diogenes. – Welcome, General. – Thank you, Dear Governor. We were waiting for you. You can’t guess how curious I am about what happens inConstantinople. Please come in. She’s more beautiful than you described, General. Trap! – Protect yourselves! – Move on, men! –

Come on, move! – Shields! Come on, valiants! I haven’t seen Süleyman in a while. And my longing for Hasan does not end. Your nephews will light up the city, my Sultan. Yes they will, Hatun. Both were born on my hands. Maybe I couldn’t give you a prince, my Bey. But all Oguz children are just like mine. What are you saying, Altuncan Hatun? You have added joy to my life, light to my heart, and peace to my mind.

Whether a person has children or not is destiny. If this is our fate, we shouldn’t grieve. Don’t be upset, Altuncan Hatun. My dear with a golden heart. Süleyman, Hasan and Erbaskan are about to arrive. Have you prepared the food they like? Is everything ready? Yes, my Sultan, everything you ordered was done perfectly, with Allah’s will. Come on, valiants! Come on, valiants! Erbaskan, brother! – Are you okay, brother? –

Yes, I’m fine, brother. Alparslan! – Are you okay, Erbaskan? – I’m fine, don’t worry. He’s losing blood. The palace is closer, let’s head to it at once. We caught one alive, my Bey. We’ll see what to do with him in the palace, Atabey. Let’s go. Walk. – Erbaskan. – My Bey. CITY OF REY They should have come by now. Where are they? They have come. My nephews. Notify the doctors immediately and prepare the healing room, come on.

What is this? Tell me. We fell into a trap on our way to the palace, my Sultan. If Alparslan had not caught up with us… all of our lives would’ve been at risk, not just Erbaskan. Alparslan. What are you doing here? Did you find out about the trap? No, my Sultan. Why did you come after us then? For this. Çagri Bey sent this letter. He said that you should hand it over to Sultan Tughrul himself.

It is the message my father told me to give to you, my Sultan. Who set the trap? Is there a sign on them? No, my Sultan. Maybe if we interrogate him, we’ll know. Speak, you dog. Who sent you? Speak! Stop. Stop. He is mute. Mute? Who would dare to do such a thing? They must be the Byzantines, my Sultan. If we consider recent incidents, they are the biggest suspects.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 79 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

It seems that they knew of the campaign and made this treacherous move. Nothing is clear yet, Emir Kundûri. It is not right to act on suspicion. Benefit lies in moderation, my Sultan. Our Prince Alparslan… will surely find out who set this treacherous trap. My Sultan. Prince Alparslan and his Atabey, Hasan, wait to appear before you. Let them in. My Sultan. Did the negligent speak?

They cut off his tongue so that he would not talk if he got caught. It is clear what this infidel Byzantine would say if he had a tongue. Those who set the trap… might not be Byzantine, my Sultan. Who is it then? Perhaps he is one of the Ghaznavids. The Ghaznavids? Where did you get that from? This arrow… is carved from only one type of tree. And this tree is only found in the Ghaznavid lands.

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