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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

1048 – BATTLE OF KAPETRON I am from the Oguz lineage of the Turks… from the Kinik Tribe… the protector of all the oppressed, nephew of Sultan Tugrul Bey… the ruler of Khorasan… the undefeatable son of Çagri Bey… Muhammed Alparslan. I want a brave warrior on my level… to duel with me one against one on the battlefield. 1 MONTH AGO GREAT SELJUK PALACE – The Grand Sultan… the Great Commander… the sovereign…

His Highness Sultan Tugrul Bey! Welcome, my Sultan. Thank you, Hatun. You are in good health, with Allah’s will. We pray that you are always in good health, my Sultan. Hâce Destani. My Sultan. Let the Supreme Council gather. Today is the day. It’s time to announce our crown prince. As you command, my Sultan. Well done, lions of the Seljuks! Blessed be the Kinik valiants! What do you say, Hasan?

Who will win the game of Kökbörü? Süleyman… or Alparslan? Both are your blood, Çagri Bey. They both took their talent from you. However… there is something the eye sees and the mind senses. What does your mind sense? Tell us so we know when we see him. Süleyman is very skilful and his forearm is very strong. But… Alparslan is something else, my Bey.

Like a mixture of your youth… and the youth of our Sultan, Tugrul Bey. It’s like he’s got both your skills… in his mind, heart and wrist. Well said. Like Alparslan’s wrist… your tongue is also skilful. Not at all. Well done! What do you think of… my brother, Tugrul Bey anouncing the crown prince, Ak Bilge? The Crown Prince, you choose together after consulting between you, we will gladly accept. However… is it time to announce it?

I don’t know about that. My wish is that the ties between father and son… and between brother and brother are not ruined. InshaAllah, Ak Bilge. InshaAllah. Süleyman… please excuse me, it happened unintentionally. It’s a game, it happens. Next time, InshaAllah. I don’t know if you’ll be lucky next time, Alparslan. – My Bey. – My Bey. I’m fine. My sons, who have solid iron wrists… brave lion hearts… and whose backs do not touch the ground.

Alparslan. Süleyman. You are my pride. I pray that Allah gives you everything you want. Aameen! May Allah always keep you with us, my Bey. Aameen. Aameen. Aameen. Oh people. Let the fires be lit. Let food be distributed. Let wishes be made. Let the earth revive. Let the sun shine. Let the sheep play together. Let the feast be a festival. Let’s go. Let Nevruz continue. My Minister. My Governors. My Beys. As you know, every person is mortal.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 69 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


And what will remain is our state. When the time comes, we will surely return to Allah. Which is why, I… Sultan of the Seljuk State… son of Mikail, Sultan Muhammed Tugrul… so that no one after us… causes strife within the state… we have decided to announce our crown prince. Let everyone know, listen, and obey… our crown prince… My Sultan. The Byzantine infidels raided our Turkmen villages on the border. They killed everyone without distinguishing between old and young, women and children.

What do you say, Hacip? Walk! Come here! Bring him here! What’s going on, Yannis? Who are these strangers? He is the leader who turned the Turkmen people against us in Vaspurakan, dear father. Prince Çortunel, here is the city of Ani. As the Governor of Vaspurakan… aren’t you responsible for keeping these people in line? As you know, we came to Vaspurakan a short time ago, Your Highness Kekavmenos. Without completing investigations, your son killed all the Turkmen on the border. And this is why I came from Vaspurakan to Ani.

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