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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 67 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 67 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

CITY OF BÜST The fog in the air has cleared, Bozan. And the hyenas started looking for a place to hide. Because wolves have descended on them. But the shepherd who drives those hyenas… is still alive. And it’s time to cut his neck. And now tell me. Do you have any explanation? You are right. Prince, your Highness. As I promised you… I have done the necessary investigations. In the traitor’s room… we found letters between him and the Byzantines, and also… and information about the Seljuks.

There is information about Prince Süleyman and Prince Hasan going to Rey written here. Even if it’s the people closest to me… I will kill anyone who dares to spoil the peace between the Seljuks and the Ghaznavids. But… this evidence… and all I said, if it is not enough for you… then… my neck is here. Instead of being mentioned in Ghazni as a traitor… I’d rather die on my honour. What happened here, Alparslan?

Bozan. If all you said was a lie… and the one I killed was innocent… this guilt will be on you. But if the truth comes out one day… and it turns out that you were the one who planned all this… then… I’ll kill you myself, know that. MERV TRIBE Züleyha! My dear… while there are all these women in the tribe, what do you do while you are pregnant like this? Take the bucket from her, my dear.

I occupy myself with work in Hasan’s absence. I know what’s in your heart, my dear. Our men are tested with their courage… and we are tested with patience. Mother Selcan. Or are you saying the valiants are coming? Where is Hasan? Hasan! Hasan! Hasan! Don’t leave me, Hasan! Don’t leave me, Hasan! Hasan! Wake up, Hasan, get up. Wake up, Hasan. Hasan! Don’t leave me! Hasan! Wake up, Hasan! Hasan! Wake up, Hasan.

My Sultan… Speak, Hâce. What happened? The infidels have set a trap for those you sent for investigations, my Sultan. Prince Hasan… was martyred. I told you to just patrol. But what did you do, you idiot? The Turks attacked first, Father. We just protected ourselves. Sultan Tugrul’s nephew was one of those killed. Do you realise what this means? What do you think you’re doing? Calm down, General. We did nothing but protect our borders.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 67 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Calm down, huh? I told you that we will not touch the Seljuks. And you go and kill the nephew of the Sultan! What you did could burn us all. Pray that we resolve this matter before it reaches the Emperor! The traitors who took the life of Hasan and our valiants will be held accountable. Take this war announcement to the Governor of Ani, Kivamenos at once. Take it so they know we’re coming with our army to take their souls.

Let them know that we will avenge Hasan in Pasinler. As you command, my Sultan. My Sultan… since we will make the earth and sky hell for the Byzantine infidels… will you forgive Ibrahim Yinal who knows Anatolia well… and put him back at the head of the army? Here is my neck. But just like the issue of the investigation unit… it is my duty to say what is good for our state. For the sake of our glorious Messenger (PBUH)… I swear by the heavens and the earth and what is in between…

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