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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Why would the Ghaznavids want to spoil their relationship with us? This is what piques my curiosity, my Sultan. I want your permission to investigate this. I will go to the tribe first and talk to my sister Begim Sehver. Dead or alive… find the one who set this treacherous trap, my nephew. As our Sultan commands. How is our great emperor? The emperor is busy fighting with the Oguz and Peçenek Turks in the West.

Until he gets rid of them… the issue of being afflicted by the Turks in the East is a very sensitive matter. And that’s what we’re concerned about right now, General. You have to trust that we are doing everything we can to protect the money and lives of our people. If you saw the sights I saw on my way, what you would’ve done would result in something completely different, Honourable Governor. What are you trying to say?

On the borders of Ani… – We saw Turkmen tribes annihilated. There was a complete massacre of Turkmen. Trust me, if we had not killed them, you would have seen Byzantines massacred on the way. Or do you… pity the Turks, General? I do not pity the Turks as much as fly you kill… Prince Yannis. But… I have enough experience to know that you will not tread the tails of the Seljuks. The Emperor also shares my opinion, have no doubt about it.

Our emperor shouldn’t worry, General. Everything is under my uncle’s control. Things here are a little different to Constantinople. I know the area very well. And those destructive Turks. I know very well what they would do if you annoy them. I hope you have taken the necessary precautions to deal with them, dear Governor. Of course. I am aware of every step and every breath the Turks take. I am not afraid to take action if necessary. My Bey.

In your opinion, will Sehver Sultan help us in our attempt to find the trapper? Let’s get to the tribe first and talk to her. Then we will know if she knows or not. Let’s go. Karabey. Karabey! Karabey! My Bey! Let’s go, valiants! Karabey. Do you see? Look. We caught the mare in the end. Is there no one here? Help me! Did you also hear the voice? Save me. Who is there? Please help me! Save me, help me!

You want me to save your owner from the well? Well done. What are you looking for here? The Byzantines are after me. Save me before they come, my Bey. Hold on, Hatun, I’ll save you. I trust you, Karabey. Don’t let me down. Come on, my lion. Don’t worry, we’ll get out of here right now. Do you have the strength to hold on? Okay. Hold on tight to my back. And don’t let go no matter what. Where do you come from?

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 63 Urdu Hindi Dubbed


What do the Byzantine infidels want from you? I escaped from Vaspurakan, my Bey. Don’t worry now, not long left. Come on, Karabey, hold on. Don’t panic, we’ll get out of here. Come on, Karabey. Come on, my boy. Hold on, my Bey! We’re here! Go on, valiants! Attack! Let’s go! Come on, Karabey. Come on, my boy. Hold on, valiants! Come on, my boy, come on.

Don’t be afraid, Hatun, it’s over. My Bey. Drink, my dear, and do not be afraid. What is your name, Hatun? My Bey, let’s get out of these woods at once. It may be a land for the infidels. Let’s go. This is from the Peçenek tribes on the West Coast. And this is from the Bayat tribes. The rest are from Siraz. Where are your samples with new embroidery,

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