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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Çagri Bey sent this letter. He said that you should hand it over to Sultan Tugrul and it is very important. You will not sit on the throne of the main tent… rather on the throne of the palace, this is another proof of that. Züleyha, I’m going to battle, but… my mind will be occupied with you. Don’t think of us, but of the blessed expedition that you are going to, Hasan. If a son is born to me while I’m at war, name him Alparslan.

So he may be like my brother, with a strong forearm and an unbeatable sword. When you come back victorious from the war, you will recite the call to prayer in his ears yourself, InshaAllah. My only prayer is that this parting ends soon. Lovers do not part, don’t you know that, Züleyha? Wherever I go, I will carry your heart in my heart and your eyes in mine. Then, I’ll give you something. I made it for our child.

Carry this with you as I carry our child until you return. And when you come back, you will put it on his wrist. My God, help us get up from where we fell. And give my family the chance to continue the kingship of our Lord Jesus in heaven and be his shadow on earth. Help a member of our family get back the throne they deserve. Same prayer again, Evdokya? Oh my poor girl! Paying for your father’s mistakes for years, what a tragedy!

If he was not in a hurry to take the throne that is his right… you would not be here in Ani, but you would wander the streets of Constantinople. I don’t want to wander the streets of Constantinople… I want to own all the Byzantine lands. Years have passed. Your words are still in my ears. When the time comes… wasn’t it you who said I’d become empress? I did say that, and I still say the same thing. Ani could be the gateway to you becoming empress.

How? Princess Evdokya, your uncle Kekavmenos wants to see you. While the Emperor’s men are about to arrive… Tugrul’s mobilisation is not good at all. I think there is no need for this concern, dear uncle. At least for now. Evdokya, tell me, what are you thinking? We do not yet know why the Emperor sent General Dukas. Is it to verify that we are responsible for what happened to the Turkmen tribes… or to help us?

In my opinion, neither, my dear cousin. These noblemen who don’t know anything are coming to share with us the victory we’ll achieve. Think about sharing the victory after you achieve it, dear cousin. What if the opposite happens? Perhaps the rams we will sacrifice for our sins are coming to us. MERV TRIBE May your horses be fast and your swords be sharp.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 61 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

May the courage of Hazret Ali (RA)… and the strength of Hazret Hamza (RA)… and the power Hazret Omar (RA) be your guide. May Allah be your Helper. Aameen. May you be victorious, son. May Allah open your path. May your fight be blessed, Süleyman. Go safely and return victorious, InshaAllah. Thank you, Alparslan. I leave you in Allah’s safety, brother. I see you off you as one individual…

but I will receive you on your return, as two people, InshaAllah. This is my trust… and you are in Allah’s trust. Go and hold those apples, the wind keeps moving them! Move away. Enough, move away. Servant of the Byzantine Emperor, General Konstantin Dukas. Chief of my guard, Romanos Diogenes. You must be the commander of the castle.

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