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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

For the Anatolian Campaign, the names of the Dynasty members mentioned will come to the capital immediately on my order. Hasan, son of Musa Yabgu. Erbaskan, son of Yusuf Yinal. And the son of Çagri Bey… Süleyman. Did you say Alparslan, my Sultan? You heard right, Kundûri. You also know that Alparslan has been waiting for this moment for many years. He has the right to participate in this campaign.

I think keeping a valiant like Alparslan in the Eastern border tribes, who is our pillar in the East… to repel any treacherous attacks is necessary for the security of the state, my Sultan. For this reason, I think that it would be better to involve Süleyman in the campaign instead of him. What do you think, Hâce? It is not in the power of anyone to question your decision without you asking him to do so, my Sultan.

But I think that Emir Kundûri is right this time in what he says. I think it is better for a strong valiant… to stay in Merv to maintain the security of the state. Then, my edict is as follows… my nephew, Alparslan, in order to defend the East, to support Çagri Bey, will stay in Merv. We humans go through all difficult circumstances as does nature. We shed leaves, too. We also have storms. Our buds come out where we think we are dead.

Nevruz is passing from dark winter nights to bright spring mornings. It is love, hope and blessing. It is rebirth. In the middle of our blessed feast… when we receive the news of the martyrdom of our dear brothers who share the same blood… don’t let it cause you to despair. We consider every night a Night of Power and every morning as Nevruz. One of us dies, but thousands live! – May our battle be blessed. – Eyvallah.

May our battle be blessed. May our battle be blessed. How fortunate we are that the valiants of our tribe will be… fighting bravely in the front lines of the Seljuk army. Even if I’m not with you, supporting you… even if I’m not striking the infidels with my sword… …my prayers are with you. May Allah bless your battle. Aameen. Hatun. Alparslan. Don’t beat yourself up. You will undoubtedly one day srike the infidels in Anatolia. Mother Akin Ay.

It is the pain that made you the most skilled archer on the face of the earth, son. You know what the raids of Anatolia mean to me. It’s been years but… the fire in me has not been extinguished. Is it only me? Rather my father and Atabey… you and everyone in the Kinik tribe. It left a deep impression on us. Patience has become our oldest companion. Don’t beat yourself up, Alparslan.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 59 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

In the creation of every creature and every human being is divine wisdom. Such that, what was blind to your insight today will be revealed to you tomorrow. 15 YEARS AGO – NEAR VASPURAKAN Wait, wait, don’t go! Who are you and where do you go with this sapling? From the Companions of the Blessed Prophet (PBUH), who carried the banner. And I was bringing this sapling to you. To me?

Do you know who I am? Yes, I do. And you? Do you know who you are? Yes, of course. Does a person not know himself? Yes, the one who knows finds. The one who finds becomes. I am Muhammad Alparslan, son of Çagri Bey. Muhammad Alparslan… know that you are in the first place where Islam struck its sword like a seal, at Badr. Always carry the banner of the Prophet (PBUH) just as you always bear his name.

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