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Alparslan Season 1 Episode 134 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

ANI CASTLE The issue of the Turkmen who inhabited the areas near to our borders… has reached our emperor, Dear Kekavmenos. Just a bunch of ignorant people who abuse our lands. Yannis just showed how to we should behave towards them very nicely a short while ago. I think the emperor thinks the problem is bigger than that, Uncle. He sends two men he trusts to Ani to end the Turkmen issue. Let him send them.

Let them see with their own eyes that this issue no longer needs to be dealt with so that… our great emperor can be at peace. Who are these people, Father? Konstantin Dukas, one of our emperor’s generals. And with him is a young officer who knows this area well. We had come across General Dukas several times in Constantinople, uncle. I remember. Do you think that Dukas is aware of the presence of such large numbers of Turkmen on our borders, Governor?

If these Turkmen enter our land and if the Seljuks get involved… do you not think that the number of your soldiers is not enough to confront them? Not everything can be measured by the number of soldiers. Reliable intelligence can make a small army win a battle. There is a friend I trust and have known for a very long time. In the East. We cooperate with him against the Seljuks. He will tell us from beforehand every step they take.

In this way, we will be one step ahead of them each time. Tell me, Sehver. I see concern on your face. What’s your problem? Sultan Mevdud’s situation is not good, Father. Even if we hide the matter from the people, his health is deteriorating day by day. I am worried about what might happen in Ghazni if he passes away. As long as we’re behind you, have no worry, sister. Thank you, brother. But I’m worried something might go wrong.

Mesud is still too young to take the throne. I am afraid that something bad will happen to the boy in the midst of a fight for the throne. We’ll do what has to be done when that time comes, my daughter. Father is right, sister. As long as we are here… no one will be able to touch my nephew. Don’t worry. Isn’t that right, Süleyman? As our Bey has commanded, we will look into it when the time comes. Why do I have to put up with this, brother?

When a marriage ceremony happened for the sake of peace… Sehver Hatun left this muddy tribe and became the Ghaznavid Sultan’s wife. As for me, I became the wife of a nomad Seljuk Prince. That Seljuk prince is the dearest son of Çagri Bey. He is the most powerful heir to the throne after Sultan Tugrul. The crown prince expected to be announced soon… might be him. I don’t think so, brother.

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 58 Urdu Hindi Dubbed

The reputation of Alparslan spread even in the lands of infidels. In addition, Sultan Tugrul’s relationship with Çagri Bey was maintained thanks to Alparslan. It looks like I won’t get out of this muddy tribe for the rest of my life. I brought the order of our Sultan, my Bey. Welcome, valiant. Read. From the Seljuk Sultan, Tugrul Bey, to the ruler of Khorasan, Çagri Bey.

The Byzantine Caesar and his governors brutally murdered the Turkmen on our borders. Mercy will not be shown to the tyrant as our religion, our customs and the laws of our state command us… and a campaign will be launched in Anatolia to respond to the infidels as required. For this reason, the announcement of crown prince was postponed until the end of the campaign in Anatolia.

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