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Alp Arslan Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 44 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 44 Urdu and English Subtitles

Mr. “Alp Arslan”. May God perpetuate our Caliph, “Al-Qa’im al-Amr Allah.” God bless his life. Trustworthy. Trustworthy. Artoc and Albagot should have arrived by now. Enter here! Go and check the parties. Make them kneel! Unoriginal! You are the ones who should get down on your knees, you bloodless dogs! O’Brother! O’Brother. First you summoned Sultan Tughrul. And now Prince Alp Arslan is in Baghdad.

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What are you after? What are you after?! What could you not get from the Sultan? So you asked for help from the prince? The matter of the Sultan is different. The matter for the prince is different. Kill me, “Arslan Al-Basassiri”, do not think that this injustice is forever! We pulled all your soldiers from the city streets. And did not understand. And also… We cut off your custom… And they didn’t calm down. Your Caliph, “Al-Qa’im al-Amr Allah” and you, and a “Muslim”…

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Your weights are equal. Do I have to kill you? Your injustice, your rule, and even your life have an end, Bassiri! Never forget this! Now who will save you from my hands? To speak! Who will save you from my hands?! Know that the more injustice you do, the more it will bring you to your end! We will know whose end will come, and whose beginning will come. That is, you insist on not recognizing my judgment.

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Come on, pray now that Prince Alp Arslan comes and rescues you from my whip! If your order does not work… You will fix my whip! Even your damned successor will beg at my feet to escape my whip! Where are they? There is a problem. My lord. Allow me to go look for them, me and Avar. It is clear that something happened to them. Where have you been, Alpagot? God willing, no harm happened to you. Al-Basasiri’s men set a trap at the vizier’s house.

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 44 Urdu and English Subtitles


Where is the minister, Albagot? They chased after him and took him to Al Bassiri. We were taken to a house out of sight to be killed. They were killed while they wanted to kill you. Thank God you are fine. What has happened happened, and now we will find a way and take the minister from the hole of that corrupt demon. How are we going to do this, sir? First I must go to the Caliph, but… How? Follow Favorite “Arbizkan”.



While you are here, and while there is a prince, is it correct for that “Karakhani” girl to take the throne?! Why are you still standing here? Mrs. Saferiye is not a Karakhani anymore. It’s the wife of a prince. This is the foundation and assets. Are our customs not clear, my husband, my brother? As long as Mr. “Alp Arslan” is not here, it is up to his wife to decide. Perhaps Mr. Alp Arslan will never be able to return, Arbazakan. What will happen then? Do what you will do now. Who are these, Mr. “Arslan Yusuf”? My guests are from Bukhara.

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Let’s go in. Mrs. Saferiye has prepared their rooms. Receive your guests at the headquarters you have taken over, Arslan Yusuf. No business for you in this castle. Didn’t I say that it was I who decided what to do in the castle, Mrs. Okeh? Now get away from our guests, and let us receive them as they deserve. Welcome! We have arrived, thank God. Let’s go back. There must be a path from the back to the palace. Be careful, they are watching us. You all! Stand your ground! I’m talking to you! You have been told to stand up. Didn’t you hear?! Are you deaf oh this! You are! Not dead!

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