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Alp Arslan Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43 Urdu and English Subtitles

Your luck will be a stumble and your throne a ruin! Prince of Vasporaghan… My husband “Muhammad Alp Arslan” is the son of Mr. Chagri. And in my husband’s absence, I am the one who defends his reputation and judgment, Mrs. Oke. Just like you. Instead of being preoccupied with taking over the rule of Vasporagan… Go to Tabriz or Ganja! Don’t you always say… “Azerbaijan” is all yours, and the people of “Khazars” are in your hearts?

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What are you doing here then? I won’t ask you for permission to go or stay anywhere! O shameless! Weren’t you yesterday from turning the world upside down so as not to get married? It was me. But I got married. Now I do what my title requires. As long as my husband is not here, the rule is mine and the throne is mine! It is in front of you not one of the commoners. I was the daughter of a ruler, and I became the wife of a prince.


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And you, what were you before you became the wife of a prince? You.. You are not the same as me. Nor your position. While this is the case, set your limits. And don’t make me oblige you I’m your limits. And now… Get out of my face! Honorable Governor. Say “Happiest”. This soldier has something to say to you, sir. To speak! Your Honor. Alp Arslan… Run away from us. All our men were killed. They were stationed at important sites in the city.

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They increased the number of guards. “Happiest”! Alp Arslan will not be able to reach Ibn Abbas, the caliph of Baghdad. At all! At all! You stay soldier! You stay. Don’t do this, please! That is, you made Alp Arslan flee from you, right? Sir, don’t do this, sir, please! I made you soldiers, not to talk, but to do! To speak! To speak! Speak now, speak up! To speak! They are late, sir. They are coming from a long way. They’re coming a long way, but…


AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 43 Urdu and English Subtitles

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But they are coming to open our way! Welcome, Black Bukhara! O encourage me! Welcome! Thank you sir. thank you sir. Thank you sir. We came with the army. But you didn’t say in the letter you sent, why did we come here? Tomorrow by dawn, Vasporagan will be ours! I have summoned you for this. We will have a new army from now on. I was a ruler, and I will remain so! It’s hard to achieve with these forces, sir. We’re not going to take Vasporagan by siege…

We will take it by stabbing it from the heart! With the call to dawn prayer, we will kill all the important people in the castle. After this our army will go to Vasporagan. What if our loneliness is noticed? Until then, where do we stay? Our units will now remain on Annie’s territory. Do not worry. Infidelity knows everything. You wait on top of the units. And you will come to the castle as my guests. And when we start moving inside… A messenger will come to you. As soon as you take the news, bring the armies with you and come to Vasporaghan’s door.

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Come on! Be careful. Apparently, the fraudster named “Arslan Al-Basasiri”… He has found the bodies of the soldiers he sent behind us. It’ll be hard to move in town anymore, sir. We have arrived. This house has long been deserted, sir. Al-Basassiri’s men will not come here. Delivered. And go to the Honorable Minister, Musab. We have no doubt that he will escape the oppression of the corrupting Buyids. The city of “Baghdad” and the presence of the Caliph will also survive. God willing,

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